Hi everyone,

In the spirit of pay-it-forward, the lovely Rhiann Wynn-Nolet has offered to help me run a pre-pitch-post.  That’s why we are calling this blog update Post-It-Forward.

Rhiann the co-founder, along with Kristina Perez, (, of #LV14 Contest; and & #CriTiki Lounge, is an active member of the writing world.  Rhiann photo

It would be well worth it to follow Rhiann and Kristina, and #LV14 is also running a #pitch competition in April (April 4th for YA & NA COMPLETED & POLISHED novels). 

Rhiann is represented by Stefanie Lieberman of Janklow & Nesbit.

You can find Rhiann’s blog here:

Rhiann on Twitter:

And a great interview she did with Michelle4laughs blog back in Feb 2013 on her journey to getting an agent here:

So now that you’re stalking, following Rhiann, Kristina, Michelle and Stefanie, (wait what? You’re not. OK, go and do it now, I’ll wait… Done? Great),

here’s how Pre-Pitch-Post will work:

Between 12.00noon and 11.59 midnight March 21st (USA New York Time) (note: that’s 3am – 2.59pm March 22nd Melbourne Australia time), anyone can send their 35-word pitch to the email:

In the subject line please put: Pre-Pitch-Post – please make sure you put those words to ensure your email doesn’t go to SPAM.

In the body of the email please complete the following:

TYPE THESE WORDS: By submitting this pitch I agree to allow the Nestpitch blog and/or any other affiliated blogs to post my pitch on an open forum for the purposes of critique and feedback.  I understand this can be for the life of the blog.  I also agree to comment on at least two other pitches if my pitch is selected to be featured.


Genre (eg. YA Romance)easter_bunny_clipart[1]

35-word Pitch:

Rhiann and I will each pick up to 10 pitches at random, to feature on her blog and this one.  The pitches will be distinguished by number only Pitch No.1 and so on.  We will look to select a cross-section of genres and ages and will neither be looking for the best or the worst, simply a solid mix.

Everyone will be able to comment, including the hosts, however comments will be monitored. Please play nice people, constructive is good, nasty is destructive.

Commenting will look like this:

Pitch No. 7 – I like the premise but I got confused if John Smith was the father or the brother of Jane Smith. – get it?

The idea behind this is to allow not only those pitches selected, feedback, but everyone participating or considering participating in a pitch competition, the chance to see what works and what does not, and use that information in tightening their own 35-word pitch. The selected pitches will go up on March 22nd so be sure to follow Rhiann’s blog and this one for updates.

To make this work, we need as many people commenting as possible, that is why we are asking all author’s who’s pitches are selected to commit to commenting on at least two other pitches.

We hope people not selected, or people who haven’t submitted will also want to comment and contribute, its part of the post-it-foreword philosophy.

Remember, #nestpitch submission window opens April -1st  & #LV14 submission window opens April -4th    

Easter sign

And come back April 15th for our AMAZING Agent reveal.


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