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I’m very excited about today’s blog post – I get to reveal the Agents who will be participating in #nestpitch, and once you’ve read through the list, I know you’ll understand why!

…and so here they are…

Pam Van Hylckama – C0-founder /Agent – Foreword Literary Pam VDV 2

Pam started her literary career as assistant to Laurie McLean in early 2012. In January 2013, after selling 21 books in her first year, Pam was promoted to agent.  when Laurie mentioned creating Foreword, Pam jumped at the chance to follow her and created a new agency together.



Melissa Jeglinski– Agent – The Knight Agency


Established in 1996, The Knight Agency has gained worldwide recognition for the success of our authors in the fiercely competitive publishing marketplace. Our philosophy is simple: what you give is what you get.  We are dedicated to cultivating prosperous, long-term writing careers by giving clients unparalleled service.



Pooja Menon– Agent – Kimberley Cameron & Associates 


Pooja joined Kimberley Cameron & Associates as an intern in the fall of 2011, with the aim of immersing herself in the elusive world of books and publishing. She soon realized that being an agent was what she was most drawn to.



Gina Panettieri  – President – Talcott Notch Literary 


Founded in 2003, Talcott Notch Literary is a rapidly-growing boutique agency representing the freshest new voices in both fiction and non-fiction. With more than twenty years in the publishing industry, President and Executive Editor, Gina has expertise in every aspect of writing and publishing and has helped thousands of writers achieve their goals.



Jordy Albert – Co-founder & Senior Agent – The Booker Albert Literary Agency 


Founded by Jordy Albert and Brittany Booker Carter, former agents of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. We are a hands-on agency that strongly believes in taking on clients for their whole career.



Camilla Wray –  Agent – Darley Anderson Literary (UK) 


The Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency handles a broad range of best-selling commercial fiction including thrillers, mysteries, crime, horror, fantasy, women’s, chick-lit, accessible literary, comedy and a growing list of children’s fiction.   The Agency was founded by Darley Anderson in 1988 and is based in London with a regional office in the book town of Hay-on-Wye.



Sarah Negovetich – Junior Agent/PR Team Leader – Corvisiero Literary Agency  

Sarah Negovetich

Corvisiero Literary Agency is a boutique literary agency founded by Marisa A Corvisiero, Esq. a former agent with the L. Perkins Agency.  This agency is a place where authors can find professional and experienced representation.



Cate Hart – Junior Agent – Corvisiero Literary Agency 


Corvisiero Literary Agency offers  international agenting services to fiction and non-fiction authors in a wide spectrum of genres. Please see our agents’ profiles to determine which agent is the best fit for you, and be sure to read our Submission Guidelines before submitting your work.

Cate has kindly agreed to do a Five Minutes With… interview her on NestPitch (watch out for it) where you’ll get to learn more about her and perhaps get an insight into her Bunny Mask.




Dr. Uwe Stender – President  – TriadaUS Literary Agency



Founder, Dr. Uwe Stender, is a Full Member of the AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives), and has been a guest speaker at several major conferences including the SCWC in San Diego, the Crimebake (Mystery Writers of America New England Chapter), CAPA-U in Hartford, Connecticut, the Writers’ League of Texas in Austin, Penn Writers, and he spoke on a panel at the Book Expo America in New York City.


TriadaUS Literary Agency is always open to any strong fiction and all non-fiction projects.




Erin NiumataSenior Vice President –  Folio Literary Management 


Folio Literary Management places both fiction and non-fiction with major publishers throughout the U.S. and around the world. We represent many first-time authors, some of whom have gone on to become bestsellers and major award-winners.

Erin has been in publishing for over twenty-three years. She started as an editorial assistant at Simon and Schuster in the Touchstone/Fireside division for several years; then moved over to Harper Collins as an editor, and then she went to Avalon Books as the Editorial Director, working on Romance, Mysteries and Westerns. Erin has edited a very impressive list of authors.  Let’s sum it up with she’s worked on 28 NY Times Bestsellers.

Although Erin is currently closed for submissions, she’ll be joining us on #nestpitch which means ladies & gents, here’s your opportunity to submit to an agent currently not taking submissions!



That’s eight nine ten AWESOME agents from seven different agencies folks!

Also, while no one knows who they are, we currently have four MAGIC BUNYIP Agents ready and willing to lurk around the pitches.

baby bunyipThese agents, just like their name-sake, will be in the shadows, watching…ready to pounce on the perfect pitch.

And who knows, we may even get the odd extra agent putting their hand up before the Bunny Mask reveal.

Non-participating #Agents, if you’re reading this and want to play, please contact me on nestpitch @ outlook . com (no spaces) by midnight 19th March. thCA69BZA6

Now, you may have noticed there is no mention of agent preferences, which was deliberate.  For those following this blog and/or @nestpitch, you’ll know that there will be a Bunny Mask reveal on March 20th.  Alongside each Bunny Mask will be hints and an insight into each agent.  Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to match the agent with the mask.

And there’s more than one reason to do this.  The obvious, you’ll know which agents are looking for what genre/category.  But wait, there’s more!  There’s also another game we’ll be playing, Match the Agent with the Mask – and there’s an ACTUAL prize – a $25 (AUD) Amazon gift voucher to be won!  Refer to Unmask the Agent post for more details (it mentions 15 agents but we are happy to play with the eight we have), but in short, you get to match the agent to the mask and the first correct answer, gets the voucher.  As I say, you need to refer to the post for details; however, I’ve also posted a timeline below for everyone’s FYI.

Now, some of the bio’s beside the Masks will be very direct, such as “Looking for MG/YA” other’s will be more cryptic, referring to an agents interests outside of agenting and other’s will be a mix of the two.  In other words… you’ll have to do your homework.  You’ll need to follow these agents, keep up with their twitter feeds, read their agent bio’s on their websites and read/follow their blogs and interviews.

Here’s the thing, you SHOULD be doing this already, so for many of you, the connections will be as clear as day.  If they’re as clear as mud, you have some work ahead of you, but the reward is there.  Aside from a chance to win the voucher, you’ll also get to KNOW the agents which will help for your nestpitch submission and/or in any future submissions.

This side competition is open to everyone (not running or affiliated with #nestpitch) regardless if your pitch is selected or not, even regardless  if you submit, it’s a bit of fun for everyone.  Learning with benefits!

Oh, and to help everyone with their 35-word pitch, we will be holding a workshop, together with Rhiann Wynn-Nolet the co-founder of and #LV14 & CritTiki Lounge, on the 21st of March for 1 week, refer to the previous post, Post-It-Forward for details.  Rhiann and Kristina Perez will also be hosting LV14 on April 4th

There’s a lot happening here in #nestpitch, if you’re not following us, why not?Fluffy Tail Musk Rabbit

Updated Timetable:

March 15th           Introduce the Agents

March 18th           Five Minutes With… interview with Agent Cate Hart

Mar 20th               Update the Bunny Masks

Mar 21st                Wind opens for Post-It-Forward – please send in your 35-word pitches

Mar 22nd              Comments accepted for Post-It-Forward

Mar 29th               Comments closed for Post-It-Forward

March 3oth        Twitter Q&A window will open for 2 hours – time to be advised

Apr 1st -2nd               Submission windows open 1st April NOON USA EST until 11.59am 2nd April USA EST (equiv. times in UK, Australia posted)

Apr 3rd -10th        1st Round – Slush Bilbies select top 120 nests*

Apr 12th                Match Agent to Bunny Mask window open NOON USA EST for 8 hours, until 8.00pm April 12th USA E ST – Emails must be received during this time to be eligible.

Apr 11th -15th       2nd Round – Nest Bloggers  pick their 72 nests*

Apr 16th                     3rd Round – Nest Bloggers post their top choices

Apr 17th -19th       4th Round Secret Bunny Agents  stock *nests

Easter Sun.        Stocked *nests* revealed/Secret Bunny Agents identities revealed

Apr 21st                Unmask the Agent Winner Revealed

Apr 22nd              Bunyips can now offer belated presents*

Apr 23rd               All #NestPitch requests should be received by Secret Bunny Agents.

Apr 28th               All Bunyip requests should be made& sent

Apr 30th               Special additional surprise revealed!

May 1st                  Update on #nestpitch Blog thanking everyone + a special <surprise>unnamed[1]

Please read the RULES & CONDITIONS before entering your pitch on April 1st.  I don’t want to become some sort of tyrant but they are there for a reason.  People who don’t adhere to them WILL have their submission deleted. (Note: while I understand every effort will be made to format correctly, if after emailing, your submission de-formats, this will not negate your submission, as long as you have followed all the other rules)

And remember if your MANUSCRIPT has been featured in another PITCH CONTEST (featured= posted for agent review/bidding) in the past TWELVE months, the period between 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014, it is not eligible. Any questions, leave me a comment here or ask during Twitter Q&A.

Also, don’t forget to check out our AWESOME TEAM of bloggers & slush readers!

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