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Here at NestPitch we will run a semi regular page called Five Minutes With…jobinterview Cat

where we will have a quick chat with Agents, Authors, Editors, Publishers… the idea is to offer insight into the agenting/publishing industry from all angles & have some fun doing it too 🙂

For our first Five Minutes With…we have the great privilege to interview Cate Hart, the newest recruit to Corvisiero Literary Agency  Cate has recently become a Junior Agent and is now actively seeking submissions in her preferred genres An author herself, is also participating in #NestPitch, so reading the below may help you not only with submitting to her in the future, but may also assist with your #Nestpitch submission. There could even be a clue or two in the answers below as to which Bunny Mask Cate’s hiding behind!

A little about CatePictureCate

Cate is all about guilty pleasures. She loves salted caramel mochas, Justin Timberlake, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, and Steampunk. As a native Nashvillian, Cate’s biggest guilty pleasure is watching Nashville.
When she’s reading, Cate looks for character-driven stories, a distinguished voice, and intriguing plots. She loves characters that surprise her, like the pirate with a heart of gold and plots that keep her guessing until the very last page.
When she’s not reading queries, Cate works with clients to build their platform, works on PR projects to help promote clients, books, and reads manuscripts with an editorial eye.

Cate seeks unique stories with well-crafted plots and unforgettable characters with a strong voice. Her favourite genre is historical, whether it’s Middle Grade or YAAdult Romance or something even spicier. The time periods she loves most are Elizabethan England, the American and French Revolutions, the Victorian Era and the Gilded Age. She loves Scottish and French History. If it’s steampunk, clockpunk, or candlepunk she wants it.

Her first love will always be YA. She will consider any genre, but is looking especially for Fantasy and Magical Realism.
For Middle Grade, she is looking for Fantasy, Adventure and Mystery with a humorous or heart-warming voice and a unique concept.
For Adult, she is only accepting Historical Romance.
Cate will also consider select LGBTQ and Erotica.
For Non-Fiction, Cate will consider select histories and biographies. She is looking for secret histories and little known facts and events. She enjoys reading about the everyday heroes of the American and French Revolutions, something more beyond the tactics of war.

To Submit:present 2
Cate prefers you attach your 1-2 page synopsis and the first five pages of your manuscript as a separate Word .doc.
Cate will respond to every query. You can check her website: for “current through” dates as well as updated wish-lists.

Follow Cate on twitter:  and Corvisiero Literary Agency on:

And now to the Questions!fun-cat-picture-aware-you-are-a-lamp

Qu1. Cate, as an author, why did you make the leap to the other side as it were?

I am passionate about publishing, and to work completely in publishing, both writing and agenting, has been one of my long term goals. As an author, I wanted to understand more intimately the other side of publishing. Because I am an author, I realize the process it takes to create a manuscript and the steps it takes to really make your work shine.

Q2. Do you think being an author gives you a better insight into the mind-set of an aspiring author?

Oh definitely. I’ve been down the road of publishing, having an agent, being on submission, and I have many author friends who are at different stages in their publication journey. I understand the excitement, the frustrations, and the discouragements.

Qu3. I note in your submission guidelines you say you reply to every query.  Do you:funny bunny 1

(a)   read all queries or do you have someone helping you?

We do have interns that read the queries and make suggestions, but I do read every query.

(b)   read all sample pages or only if the query interests you?

I’m a reader, so I will read sample pages. If I find the writing is poor, filled with grammar errors, or even amateurish mistakes, I will stop pretty quickly.

Qu4. In a query letter do you like to see:gorilla reading

(a)   a brief bio and if so what would you expect included?

Yes, it’s good to have a brief bio. Include your publishing credentials or list writing groups and affiliations, like RWA. I don’t need to know you entire resume unless it is pertinent to your manuscript.

(b)   something personal about the author (a bit of chit-chat)?

I don’t mind one to two sentences of personalization. It is nice to have a little line or two before diving right into the query.

Qu5. I see you request both the synopsis and first five pages sent as an attachment in a query submission.  Do you prefer:

(a)   the attached pages to be single or double spaced?

Please double space. My eyes are getting old. This is why I ask for attachments, sometimes copying into an email makes the font so tiny.

(b)   If the manuscript has a prologue do you want to see the prologue within/as part of those five pages?

If the prologue is part of the first five pages, include it. My stance on prologues is an author should really consider if it is necessary. I’ve found that in most cases it’s not.

(c)    manuscript title, genre, age-group and word count at the beginning or the end of the query?

I’m not picky. If it flows better at the beginning, place that information at the beginning.

Now for some fun facts about Cate:funny-cat-picture-you-are-no-match-for-my-cuteness

Qu6.  What one thing would you tell your high-school self if you could go back in time?

What you think people think about you doesn’t really matter.

Qu7.  Which is it, vacation by the sea/ocean or in the mountains?

Both equally my favorite places. But the ocean/beach wins every time.

Qu8.  Other than your keys, wallet and mobile phone, what one thing would we always find in your hand-bag?

Tickets to the last movie I saw.

Qu9.  Are you a cat or dog person? funny-cat-picture-rules-for-the-cat

Cat person (additional from Nik, as fellow cat person I know Cate will appreciate the JEPG I added)

Qu10. Stay-at-home movie night sees you eating what favourite yummy treat? 


Thanks for joining us Cate!


Come back on March 20th for the Bunny Mask Reveal

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