Unmasking the Easter Pitch Magic!

Well – Hasn’t this Easter Sparkled!

We still have a few things in the pipeline  – Bunyip Sighting’s are possible and Scorecards are being tallied –

Now – lets Unmask Those Agents!

 Pooja Menon – Cocktail Bunny   have a drink bunny - POOJA   

Gina Panettieri – Bookworm Bunnybookworm bunny - GINA

Mlaptop bunny- MELISSA Melissa Jeglinski – Laptop Bunny

 artist bunny - CATE  Cate Hart  Artist Bunny

Jordy Albert – Soccer Bunnysoccer bunny - JORDY  

Sarah Negovetich – Juggler Bunnyjuggler bunny - Sarah

ninja bunny - CAMILLACamilla Wray –  Ninja Bunny

 mad scinetist bunny - UWE Dr. Uwe Stender – Mad Scientist Bunny

Erin Niumata – Shopper Bunny shopper bunny - ERIN 

Pam van Hylckama – Giant Bunnygiant bunny - PAM

And we have one clear winner of the $25.00* Amazon Gift Voucher.  Out of respect and privacy, we’ll keep her (yep it’s a female) to ourselves and have emailed the winner, though, I have a feeling you might hear about it on twitter 🙂

We have now completed the Request List, (not including any Bunyip requests).

All those who had pages requested will receive an email from me. some have already been sent out, the rest will be sent over the next 4-8 hours.  If you had a pitch with a request but have not received an email by 10pm April 20th USA EST (mid-day April 21st Aust EST), please contact me as it’s important you understand and adhere to the request submission requirements.

And we can announce the winners of the other Amazon Vouchers up for grabs!

We had 2x Full Msnuscripts Requests.

One from #TeamEpic & the other from #TeamPeeps!3101164-4


– Dr. Uwe Stender requested a FULL for SJ-3: The Sandman’s Apprentice – MG Paranormal 




– Dr. Uwe Stender requested a FULL for DM-5: The Winter King NA/Urban Fantasy

Each Author will receive a $12.50* Amazon Gift Voucher

And Dannie’s team just pipped a few other’s with the pitch with the most requests

– at 5 requests for DM-6; YA/Contemporary- CHEMICALS COLLIDE

That author will receive a $10.00* Amazon Gift Voucher!

*Note – all e-voucher values are in AUD and winner will need to confirm email their details – an email will be sent to sent to all four winners within 24-hours, if you are one of the winners and do not receive an email in the next 24 hours with the SUBJECT LINE of AMAZON VOUCHER WIN, please email me.  The e-vouchers will be sent at the end of the month.

 An email will go out to all the above in the next few days, however, feel free to share your good news on twitter, on Facebook and wherever you’d like share and shout out your good news!047

To everyone who submitted, whether your pitch was featured or not, congrats on a wonderful job, on an amazing selection and diversity of genre and category mixes.  To those selected, whether you got five requests or none, know that your MS stood out to some 17 people within the industry and its only a matter of time before it stands out to the RIGHT agent or publisher 🙂

My Team are currently working on scorecards for ten pitches which made it to RESERVE status, the three top will have their pitches featured on this blog at the end of the month, while all ten will receive a scorecard feedback, also by the end of the month.

I’m looking forward to following the progress of all our featured pitches.

cd787494May The Bunny Force Be With You! —FireworksT



resting catLike the Nestpitch blog?  In that case, I’d appreciate your VOTE!

The Nestpitch blog up for Best Blog Site 2014 (Australia) & there’s also a Peoples Choice Award.   Voting is open to everyone worldwide & is anonymous, so I’ll never know if you voted or not (but if you do, thank you).  If you can spare a  minute and would like to vote, here’s the link – http://www.writerscentre.com.au/community/best-australian-blogs-comp/peoples-choice/



3 thoughts on “Unmasking the Easter Pitch Magic!

  1. Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful contest! And thank you to everyone involved in making it a success – from entrants to slushies and bloggers to agents!!

    Congratulations to everyone who submitted, too. Whether you got a request or not, it takes a lot of courage to put yourself and your work out there, so don’t give up!

    Now I’m just going to sit in a corner and twitch until that email comes in…


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