ScoreCard – The ten Pitches that were just a Twitch off…

bunny-sheep-herderHello All, 

Well, hasn’t it been an eventful few months!

Though at times it felt like I was chasing my tail or I’d never experience the luxury of 4-hours-straight sleep again, it’s been a very rewarding period. While March -2014 was mostly working out the final details for #nestpitch – 2014, securing the assistance of my AWESOME TEAM of Slushies & Bloggers and an AMAZING selection of Agents; April was all about reading and re-reading pitches and keeping everyone up to date with the progress.  And let me just say how talented you all are!  The final choice was a very difficult decision. The calibre of pitches was evident in the numbers of requests.

I feel like there should be some app for a Mexican Wave (& if there is, can someone point me to it?), in honour of all the combined talent 🙂 Oh and, by-the-way, the “Bunny Herding Sheep” clip I have stolen, requisitioned, borrowed from my good friend Rhiann who used in when we ran Post-It-Forward,  you have to admit, damn cute! Funny_Pictures_Animated_Dancing_-1

The sheer quality of submissions is, in part, why I wanted to give those pitches that reached “RESERVES” some feedback.  In the end, there were ten (10) reserves as several bloggers picked the same reserve.  I can share with everyone that the list is made up of: 4x Adult 2x YA 2x MG 2x PB The scorecard is split up in two sections, the pitch and the first words, with a TOTAL (max. possible score of 50) for both sections together:

ScoreCard   (mark 1-5 for each)
Pitch Clarity
Spelling / Grammar
Sample Words Clarity
Expert match to Pitch
Spelling / Grammar
Held interest/ want to read more

tumblr_lugh08w7pr1r4zr2vo1_r2_500There are seven Slushies + myself re-reading all ten submissions.

The scores will be added for each submission & then divided by 8, giving an average score per submission.This average score will be sent via email to each of the Ten.  The top three scores will also have their pitches featured on the NestPitch Blog on April 30th /May 1st (depending on your location) – so if you’re in the industry, or if you’re just curious, come back in a few days for a little peak! I will only feature the pitch as we do not want to diminish opportunities to enter other pitch-comps by having your first-words posted. Should an agent or publisher *like what they see* and wish to make contact with the author, I will happily pass on the author’s details. *NOTE, if more than three of the ten have the same TOTAL score, then of those, the three with the highest TOTAL PITCH SCORE (possible max 20) will have their pitches featured.

The remaining seven (7) of the ten reserves will also receive their scorecards as well as having a one-line mention of acknowledgement, and posted in no particular order, e.g (the below is entirely fabricated and not one of the pitches) NA Mystery-Romance “MONEY MAKES THE LOVE GO AROUND” So, come back in six day’s time to see – *which pitch was just a twitch away* – & a round-up of the #nestpitch stats & possible trends. Oh, and if anyone is wondering, #nestpitch WILL BE BACK (sorry for the Arnie channelling!) I have already looked at when Easter 2015 falls 🙂

And now, please excuse my indulgence in some shameless self-promotion:BottyShake_randomgoodstuff The Nestpitch blog up for BEST BLOG Site 2014 (Australia) & there’s also a Peoples Choice Award.   Voting is open to everyone worldwide & is anonymous, so I’ll never know if you voted or not (but if you do, thank you, I know some of you have already voted, & this is greatly appreciated).  If you can spare a  minute and would like to vote, here’s the link:

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