Musings – Thoughts and Reflections of Life, Love & Surviving Heartache

Hello all, 

Normally about here is where I’ll let you know who I’m interviewing or what competitions are coming up. But today I’m going to be super self-indulgent … for I have news!ImageProxy

As many of you know, I am involved with several charitable causes and if I could afford to, I would give money to each and every one of them. Because this is financially impossible for me to do, each month I feel a little guilty, like there should have been more I could have done. Well, there was…or is…or could have been, anyway! I did something about it.

20 June Chapbook Cover 2First bit of news –

June 21st is the Launch-day for Musings – Thoughts and Reflections of Life, Love & Surviving Heartache (Chapbook of Poems, Sonnets & Short Stories).  The chapbook also has many photos of my own artwork, pieces I’ve matched to the poems and short stories – all in all its 63 pages. And yes it’s my own work and yes it will be available in a few hours, and yes it is available right now on Pre-Order.

But here’s where the first bit of this post matches this bit, 25% from each sale will go to AnimalsAsia, each and every sale, in other words, the entire profit margin 🙂Mail Attachment-9

Who are AnimalsAsia I hear someone ask? They are a worldwide organisation with locations across the globe (AnimalsUK, AnimalsAustralia etc.). The reason why I selected AnimalsAsia is I am determined to help in any way I can to stop this hideous and horrendous practice of Bear Bile Farming.

And every little bit helps. Last month (May 2014) AnimalsAsia was able to buy out a former Bear Bile Farm and convert it into a Bear Sanctuary… that’s magic!final logo w tagline

There’s some information about AnimalsAsia within the Chapbook. AnimalsAsia is fully supportive of my Chapbook and has authorised me to use their Logo.

Second bit of news –

Now, we all like a BARGIN right? Well I do, so, while the standard price for an e-pub will be $2.50 USD, from 21st June until 21st July I will be offering  a 30% discount for whomever uses this coupon code is RL33S (not case-sensitive), when buying through SMASHWORDS. Smashwords has the e-book in several formats and I’ve allowed 20% pre-purchase sampling.

You can use this link: Smashwords Profile: Or go to Smashwords and type the title and do a search. When you go to purchase, simply add the above code and the system will automatically reduce the price by 30%

BookCoverImageThird bit of news –

Musings – Thoughts and Reflections of Life, Love & Surviving Heartache (Chapbook of Poems, Sonnets & Short Stories) is now also available on AMAZON in paperback form, the Kindle Version is coming. You’ll notice there is a different cover, this was intentional as I wanted to distinguish Paperback from e-pub.

You can find the Paperback version here:

Or Type in the Title and do a search that way.

But wait… there’s more!

Yesterday, I also got an email from Fey Publishing telling me that one of my Short Stories will be in a 2015 anthology.ImageProxyABC

Then I read the contract and did a happy dance. And you know what’s extra wonderful?

This bit:“…This anthology is a charitable anthology meaning proceeds will be donated to Techs for Pets, a nonprofit rescue group located in Northern/Central California who focus on rescuing animals both big and small…”

I seriously could not be happier!

Not only will AnimalsAsia benefit from my writing but so will Techs for Pets!

Over the next few days and weeks, some of my very dear writer-ly friends will be helping me promote Musings – Thoughts and Reflections of Life, Love & Surviving Heartache (Chapbook of Poems, Sonnets & Short Stories). Please support them by following them on Twitter or Facebook or following their blog or even making a comment or Re-Tweeting.
I will also be (at random) opening up RT for a Free Copy on Twitter – so keep an eye out. Well that’s it for now; there could be more news very soon, but I can’t say more than that just yet!

You can also find me on Goodreads: where you’ll also find my book and the first review (there’s a review on Amazon & Smashwords too)

Thanks again to everyone who has helped make this possible – Nikola 😉



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