Anaiah Press Launch – Join in the Celebrations!

96781-Anna-excited-gif-Imgur-Frozen-j9HvHello all,

As most of you know, #Nestpitch is all about spreading news, helping promote opportunities and offering help and guidance wherever and whenever possible. Today I can share wonderful news and with it wonderful opportunities for writers across many genres and categories.

I am so very pleased to be able to help spread the word about the LAUNCH of Anaiah Press! Below is the Anaiah Press Blurb –

Anaiah Press is a Christian, digital-first publishing house dedicated to presenting quality faith-based fiction and nonfiction books to the public. Our titles run the gamut from children’s picture books to adult Launch Day bannerromantic suspense and memoir.

Anaiah Press launches July 1st with the release of our first title, A Long and Winding Road. In addition to this poignant memoir, we’ll be releasing a YA fantasy, an MG contemporary, an urban fantasy and a historical romance this summer.

To make Anaiah Press the might press we know it can be, we would love your support. As part of launch day celebrations, we’re asking you to help us spread the word by signing up to post a tweet, Facebook message or tumblr post about our launch Tuesday, July 1st via Thunderclap.

AnaiahPressLogosmallAll you have to do to sign-up is follow this link and select whichever social media you’d like to post with. It’s that easy! The more support the better so please feel free to share this with all your friends!

We will be having a launch day party on Facebook including an author meet & greet. You can join the party over Launch Day bannerhere: We love meeting new readers and authors, and look forward to hearing from you at our launch day celebration!

You can also keep up to date with all things Anaiah by following us at the links listed below.






pop up kittensSo, that’s their blub, what’s my take on this? Simple, every time I see an opportunity for aspiring author’s and artist’s I am 100% supportive. Yes, Anaiah Press is new and yes there is a long way to go to make them a major voice… but then again is that not true for all enterprises, and indeed, all artists and authors?  My take, let’s support Anaiah Press so that they can, in turn, support as many of us as they can. Join the Anaiah Team on Facebook & meet some of the author’s… who knows, they could be your future friends/co-authors, and besides… there’s books and prizes too 🙂

Want to know more? Here is their website: and here’s their submission’s wishlist:


Congrats to Anaiah Press and here’s to a wonderful Launch and future!AnaiahPressLogosmall

Nikola Vukoja

Launch Day banner

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