Piracy, Plagiarism & the Single Artist

I feel so strongly about this that I’m re-blogging myself

Nikola Vukoja

Hi all, BrrSBXQCYAABj6p

Today I’m going to try to do my best not to LOSE ITtoo much, but if I do, you’ll get why. Now, as many of you know I’m SOOOO against piracy, of any kind, but especially the theft of works/money from starving artists. I’m so against it that I’ve actually designed a T-shirt which I will print up and wear this summer.

Let’s touch on PIRACY first.

Folks – its simple – it’s theft BLACK & WHITE – no ifs buts or maybes. The only reason people don’t take it seriously enough is because governments across the globe don’t take it seriously. So what if someone reproduces your novel and sells a few copies, it’s not like you were J.K Rowling-rageragerageragerageit-in right?  WRONG; Double WRONG; triple WRONG and to infinity.

If that book has been published in the traditional manner, there are authors, agents, publishing…

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