Michelle’s Holiday Query Blog Hop – only day’s away!

Hello all & happy belated Thanksgiving to all my USA friends,   This is going to be a short post, but (I’m sure you’ll agree) a valuable one. As many of you know Michelle Hauck AKA Michelle4Laughs; http://michelle4laughs.blogspot.com.au/ ; hosts or … Continue reading

Five Minutes with…Vicki Leigh – Author of Catch Me When I Fall & Editor at Curiosity Quills

Today I have the very great pleasure to have Vicki Leigh – Author of Catch Me When I Fall & Editor at Curiosity Quills, join me in another Five Minutes with…  So let’s get to know Vicki better About The … Continue reading

11 Ways Not To Start Your Novel – No. 11

There’s a great post by Agents Darley & Adnerson on their newsletter blog well worth reading if you’re in the submission stages of your writing career (and by the way they are awesome agents )

The Darley Anderson Blog

At the Wrong Time

At the Darley Anderson Agency we ask that any writers who wish to submit their work to us should provide the first three chapters of their novel as a sample of their writing. This is, as I understand it, standard practice in the industry.

However, at least once a week I hear from someone who takes issue with this.

Here are a few examples of the submission queries that we who work in literary agencies hear all the time:

  • “The first three chapters don’t really give an impression of what the whole novel is about. Could I send more?”
  • “My plot doesn’t really get going until about Chapter 14. I’ll send you Chapter 14 instead.”
  • “Those first chapters aren’t my best. I’m including Chapters Eight, 26 and 31 in their place. Those are the chapters I’m really proud of.”

Putting aside the fact that I really…

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Cover Reveal-Rite of Rejection by Sarah Negovetich

Hi All, For those of you who regularly follow either myself or Literary Agent Sarah Negovetich, you’ll know that Sarah has embarked on her own Self Publishing Journey. If you want to know more on why Sarah took this path, … Continue reading