Post-It-Forward 2015

Hi All,

season-19-dwts-adds-jonathan-bennett-lea-thompson-bethany-mota-and-alfonso-ribeiroWe’re Bacckkk! Post-It-Forward2015 is back & it’s time to do the Carlton Dance 😉
As we did last year, the lovely Rhiann Wynn-Nolet & I will again be hosting Post-It-Forward.
This year the submission date is MARCH 8th – read below for all the details and if in doubt, feel free to ask on here or on Twitter.
For those of you unfamiliar with Post-It-Forward, it’s a pitch workshop. The idea behind it is to help authors with their 35-word pitches.
For those of you who don’t know Rhiann, aside from being a brilliant writer and very generous with her time to other writers, she co-foundered Like A Virgin and & #CriTiki Lounge.  
You can find Rhiann’s blog here: photo
And a great interview she did with Michelle4laughs blog back in Feb 2013 on her journey to getting an agent here:
So now that you’re following Rhiann, Kristina, Michelle and Stefanie, (wait what? You’re not. OK, go and do it now, I’ll wait… Done? Great), here’s how Post-it-Forward will work:
Submissions will OPEN between 12.00noon & 11.59pm MARCH 8th (USA New York Time)
(NOTE: that’s 3am -2.59pm March 9th Melbourne Australia Time)
Send your 35-word Pitch to:
In the subject line please put: Post-It-Forward 2015  – please make sure you put those words to ensure  your email doesn’t go to SPAM.
In the body of the email, please complete the following:
By submitting this pitch I agree to allow the Nestpitch blog and/or any other affiliated blogs to post my pitch on an open forum for the purposes of critique and feedback.  I understand this can be for the life of the blog.  I also agree to comment on at least two other pitches if my pitch is selected to be featured.
(Your) Name:tumblr_n2nn4kyTwU1tw5bhko1_400
Genre (eg. YA Romance)
35-word Pitch:
Last year we had approximately 20 entries so everyone was featured, however, if we get many more than 24, due to time limits, we will each select 10-12. Our selection criteria will be based on offering as much diversity and variety in genre and category as possible.
On March 9th Rhiann and I will select our pitches and on March 10th we’ll post our selected lists. We will then post our feedback for each pitch (on both blogs). Then it’s your turn! Be sure to check both blogs on March 10th – and please participate as much as you can. For things like post-it-forward to work, we need participation.
The comments will remain open for two weeks. As with 2014, the selected pitches will be distinguished by number only Pitch No.1 and so on. 
Everyone who has a pitch selected & featured, must, within a week, comment on at least 2 other pitches (at least one on each blog), Rhiann’s blog and the Nestpitch blog – in other words, we expect you to Post-it-Forward. Rhiann and I will comment on every pitch, on our own blog and each others. This guarantee’s each pitch will get feedback from at least Rhiann and me.
bunny-falling-asleepJust to recap –
Both blogs will have 10-12 35-word pitches numbered:
Pitch 1
Pitch 2
Pitch 3
And so on…
To comment, you will start the comment with the pitch number & then make your comment. NOTE if you LOVE a pitch, that’s OK too, in fact, that’s great, let the author know – it really helps.
Commenting will look like this:
You read the pitches and select the two you wish to comment on and then comment something like this: Pitch No. 7 – I like the premise but I got confused if John Smith was the father or the brother of Jane Smith. – get it?
Everyone’s comments will be monitored. Please play nice people, constructive is good, nasty is destructive. (Mary Poppins Rule: Spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down)
Post-it-Forward is open to all categories except PB’s (in other words, MG, YA, NA & Adult) and all genre’s including erotic* (*please choose your word selection carefully as both blogs are “G” rated)
Everyone is encouraged to comment – whether you submitted a pitch or not. And we also encourage everyone who has a pitch featured to help spread the word by sending the odd tweet and or posting something on their own blog or facebook page, with a link to their pitch and/or Rhiann’s or the Nestpitch blog..
Whether you intend to enter Nestpitch or any other competition, the concept behind Post-it-Forward is simple – feedback.  It’s often difficult to explain a “winning” pitch; it’s much easier to read one. Whether you submit or not, all are welcome to comment and to learn. To make this work, we need as many people commenting as possible, but all featured pitches require the author to comment on at least TWO pitches.
Now – sharpen your pitches, follow Rhiann and Nestpitch, tweet, blog, FB or whatever social media you prefer, about this – the more that hear about Post-It-Forward, the more diverse the submissions will be and the more help we can offer everyone.
And come back next week for more details about Nestpitch2015.
And now for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of Jim Caviezel – seriously no explanation needed! Jim-Caviezel-Quotes-1