#Post-it-Forward & #NestPitch2015 – It’s almost upon us!

bunny-sheep-herderFirstly Post-It-Forward.

The submission window open March 8th and is only open for 12 hours so don’t miss out! Go here: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2015/02/12/post-it-forward-2015/ for more info.


So what’s #Nestpitch ?

It’s a writers comp based on a special Easter tradition throughout central and northern Croatia – making Easter Nests.  On the afternoon or eve of Easter Saturday children go out into the garden and collect leaves, grass, twigs, flowers and then make a “nest” for the Easter Bunny – that’s where he places his Easter-Egg-Presents. The children go to bed that eve wondering if the Easter Bunny will like or love their nest, because the best nest gets the best and biggest eggs!

With that in mind, we’ve structured #Nestpitch where the ‘NEST’ is your pitch + 300. You ‘pitch’ your nest to the Secret Bunny Agents. If they like your ‘nest’ they’ll leave you a request ‘treat’ – in other words the best nests get the most and biggest pitch-treats 🙂 

2085389aafyxdeldhHow does it work?

You will send your pitch + 300 (refer below for full instructions) and the Mentor + their team of Slushies will selected their favourites to go to Round Two* 

*Yes we’ve changed the rules a little – this year there will be two rounds and the Mentoring TEAMS will work closely with their final selections to help their authors strengthen each authors manuscript.

The first is the Mentor/Team System.

In 2014 we had some AWESOME submissions however, there were a few agents who, on requesting pages and query letters, felt the quality/voice and even lack of grammatical errors (etc.) did not translate beyond page one, two or three.

So this got me thinking.

The concept of Easter Nests & Secret Bunny Agents will remain, however the selection process will be MUCH TOUGHER. 

This year there will be TEAMS. One Mentor + two Slushies.snoopyeaster

Each Team will read all the submissions* and from those will select their top 5-8 submissions.

Each Team will then request the first 2,500-words of each manuscript from their chosen 5-8 pitches; and, after much discussion, and perhaps requests for more information/pages, each Team will pick 4-5 submissions to go into the final round (the agent round).

Prior to being open to agents, each Team will work closely with their 4-5 author’s, helping them polish their first 2,500-words, giving feedback and critique.

The author’s will then take what they have learned and revise the rest of their manuscript – before the agent round.

agent cat rejection*Please follow the submission guidelines. Entries who fail to do so may have their submission voided. Although this may seem tough, it’s a fact of a writer’s life, submission guidelines are there for a reason, whether they are competition, agent or publisher guidelines.

You will find a comprehensive rules & conditions guideline post one week before submission date (April 1st), however, below is a brief overview to give you all a head start.

A list of the Teams & the participating agents will be posted right after #Post-it-Forward – look out for it!

31. Kitten LoveHow do you play?

First and foremost FOLLOW THE RULES – as mentioned, they will be updated a week before submission date – however below is an overall run down:


This year we will be open to all categories EXCEPT Picture Books (MG, YA, NA & Adult)

The Pitch window will be open for 48 hours, thereby allowing everyone, regardless of where you live in the world, to prepare and submit a pitch.

funny bunny 1The Pitch will be made up of three parts.

(i)                 a 35-word pitch

(ii)               answer to a question (in your main characters voice)

(iii)             the first 300-words of your manuscript

There will an email address dedicated #nestpitch – this will form part of the RULES.

Selection Process:

(i)                 All submissions will be read by me first to ensure each submission has followed the rules/guidelines.

Two main rules

a.       Only manuscripts which HAVE NOT been featured in another online competition are eligible to enter. This DOES NOT include workshops, critique groups or similar. It also DOES NOT include twitter or any other tag-line style pitches either. Please feel free to ask if you’re in any doubt

b.      Submission MUST follow the submission format. The format will form part of the rules & guidelines update a week before submission date. We accept that sometime email de-format fonts and tabs, this is fine. What we don’t want is people forgetting to put CATEGORY & GENRE (for example) or not answering the question; that sort of thing

(ii)               All pitches who have followed the rules (#round1) will then be forwarded to each Team. Each Team will create a Team Name -For example#TeamWinnerWinnerChickenDinner that’s how you’ll be able to find them on Twitter or Facebook.

(iii)             Each Team will select their top 5-8 submissions. Note: some teams may select the same pitch(es) so it is possible your pitch will be requested by more than one Team. Teams will contact the author’s that have made Round #2 and request the first 2,500-words

(iv)             Internal cat-fight, erh discussions will take place and each Team will select their top 4-5 author submissions (#round3). Expect to also see teasers and cryptic clues via Twitter & Facebook (*don’t forget to follow the Mentors and Slushies, lots of fun to be had!)

(v)               My Team #Team2Beat will be the Bandit Team. I bet all of you have a brother or sister who always stole your favourite Easter Eggs – well that’s what we’ll be doing – sort of. We will be looking for hidden or missed gems. They could be from the slush-pile or from #round2 & we’ll feature them. #Team2Beatmay have as few as one submission featured or as many as five – it all depends on how many diamonds in the rough we believe have been missed.

(vi)             This year there will again be a Amazon Gift Voucher Prize for the submission with the highest number of requests and another for Matching the Agents with their Masks (more on that at agent reveal).

Below is an overview Schedulefunny bunny 3

Post-It-Forward 35-word Workshop opens 8th March

(for more info go to: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2015/02/12/post-it-forward-2015/ )


Submission Window Opens April Fools Day (April 1st 2015)

10pm Aust. Eastern Standard Time

7am USA New York Time

12 noon London UK Time

Submission Window Closes Good Friday (April 3rd 2015)

10pm Aust. Eastern Standard Time

7am USA New York Time

12 noon London UK Time

Teams send out requests for 1st 2,500 words Sunday 12th April

Authors reply by Tuesday 14th April

Final Selection Sunday 10th May (Mother’s Day)

Agent request open Monday 11th May to Tuesday 12th May 2015

Agent request(s) sent out to authors Wednesday 13th May 2015

Authors to send requested pages to Agents by Friday 15th May 2015

Don’t forget to come back March 8th for your change to sharpen your 35-word pitch, it could be the difference between getting selected or not!