Nestpitch2015 – Agent Round Time!

snoopyeasterNestpitch2015 has been a lot of work and a lot of fun. It’s also been a wonderful opportunity to ‘meet’ a lot of talented people from across the globe.

The Teams have worked hard, both whittling down the submissions and then working with their authors.

And now is the Agent Round –WooHoo!

A special thank you to all the agents who have given or their time – without you guys there would be no #nestpitch.

Each Team has Mentored a group of talented authors for the past month or so and now it’s time to show off our simply smawesome submissions.

You’ll find each teams submissions on the links below.

Agents, let your tempting chocolate treats flow.

Authors, get ready for the best part of the Nestpitch cycle

And twitter/blog followers, feel free to show your support via facebook, twitter or leave a supportive message here for your favourite submissions.

Here we go!


easter-rabbit-eating-vegetables-beautiful-gif-photography-great-atmosphere-funny-pics-233-1And don’t forget to check out the Unmask the Agent comp. It starts in a few days & there’s a $20 Amazon gift voucher up for grabs!


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