St. Nicholas Day 1st 150 Workshop (for PB & MG authors)

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As promised I have something special lined up for those of you who are Picture Book and/or Middle Grade authors. I’m calling it St. Nicholas Day 1st 150 Workshop.

Many of you will know of the Post-it-Forward pitching workshop I run every year in Feb/March. Well this will be similar – only the workshop will be for the first 150-words of you PB/MG manuscript.

1794548bq1i4v6fl4If you follow this post and/or me on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know that I am very proud of my Croatian heritage and traditions. In Croatia St. Nicholas Day (Dec 6th) is not only a Saints Day, it’s also a special day for children. (it’s also celebrated throughout Europe)

On the eve of St. Nicholas Day (Dec 5th) children all over Croatia polish up their best pair of shoes & leave them on their door steps for St. Nick to leave a treat for them. And those that are good, get a bigger or better gift, a good child will get a piece of fruit (back in the day oranges in winter were quite a treat). A very good child might get a small toy, or… for the very very good, chocolate!

But those that are not so good, well they get left either an onion or garlic; that way their shoes smell for weeks and they remember to be better next year. We Croats are a little sadistic!  – It’s OK for me to say this 😉

By the way, this is where the tradition of hanging Christmas Stockings originates from 😉 dadc1e73b486aa7c7d854bb0a2b561bb

So I thought it would be fun to have a workshop based on St. Nick’s Day (without the onion or garlic). But this will be a workshop with a difference, because we have two very special guests joining us, George Ivanoff & Adam Wallace, both of whom are published and highly regarded authors in these age-groups.

A little about George & Adam

George002_sm-213x300Bio: George                                                   

George Ivanoff is an author and stay-at-home dad residing in Melbourne. He has written over 70 books for kids and teens, including the Gamers trilogy, which is on the reading list for the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. As a kid, George loved reading interactive books, where he got to make decisions about the direction of the story. He has had more fun plotting and writing the You Choose books than pretty much anything else.9781459635197

George drinks too much coffee, eats too much chocolate and watches too much Doctor Who. He has one wife, two children, two cats and three chickens. And he is very content!

You can contact/learn more about George here:


& here:



Adam Wallace profile picBio: Adam                              

Adam Wallace has been writing since he could hold a crayon and resist the urge to eat it. After lives as an engineer and primary school teacher (and too many other jobs to mention), Adam now has over 30 published books to his credit, and plans on being a writer for the rest of his life. He also plans on living until he’s 130, so that’s a lot of Blunderingly Brilliant coverwriting!



You can contact/learn more about Adam



& here

& find him on Twitter here:

So how will St. Nicolas Day 1st 150 Workshop work?

This workshop is free and open to anyone (international) who has an unpublished manuscript in the PB or MG category. Unpublished includes not self published however other workshops do not count as published works.

I will be accepting ONLY the first 150 words, and your words must finish at the end of a sentence. Therefore, if your sentence finishes at 151 (or more) words, then you need to submit to the end of the previous sentence.

All works submitted must be original and you must be the author of the works.

Email for submissions further below.

This workshop is all about feedback and part of the terms and conditions is that all who have their 1st 150 posted participate in the feedback process, having said that, feedback must be constructive.

bba4b8fc19881fb2f448597086a97484Please note the following:

·   In the subject line please type St. Nicolas Day 1st 150 Workshop and your age category for example: St. Nicolas Day 1st 150 Workshop (MG)

·   Within the body (at the top) of the email please type the following: By submitting my 150-words to the St. Nicolas Day 1st 150 Workshop I confirm this work is my original, unpublished work and acknowledge my below submission will be posted on the blog for the duration of the blog, or for as long as the administrators choose. I also acknowledge other’s will be able to comment on my submission.

 Email address for submissions: nestpitch @ (please remove the spaces between h & @ and o)

Beneath the above statement please fill in the following:

Author Name:

Manuscript Title:

Word Count:

Category (whether it’s MG or PB):

First 150 words:


To submit please email your submission per the above instructions between Nov 28th 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time & Nov 30th 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. This is not a ‘first in first serve’ scenario so there is no need to panic about the time-frame, which is why I am giving everyone two days.

I am expecting approx. 10 PB & 10 MG submissions, a few more or less will be OK, however, if I get a lot more than say 15 for each category, I will pick 12 at random, but will give personal feedback to those who missed out.

animated-saint-nicholas-image-0029What you need to do

On December 5th there will be two pages created on this Blog. One for PB submissions and another for MG. Each submission will be identified only as either PB#1 (and so on) or MG#1 (and so on)

Everyone who has their 1st 150 words posted on the blog will be required to give feedback to at least two (2) other works in their category, one previous and one post their submission.

For example, if your submission is PB (or MG)#4, you will give feedback to #3 & #5. If your submission is PB (or MG) #1, you will give feedback to the one following #2 and the last submission on the page.

And here is where the fun starts – you are all St. Nicks!

At 10am Dec 6th (that’s St. Nicholas Eve in the US) I will open the submissions to feedback. Comments WILL be monitored so please remember to play nicely! The submission is the ‘polished shoes’ and you get to decide how good the author is 😉 Feed back should consist of one to two lines of feedback and a gift.


  • Apple (not bad)   animated-saint-nicholas-image-0155
  • Orange (good)
  • Wooden Horse (very good)
  • Bar of Chocolate (Great)

Example of feedback: I like the beginning but I think the sentences are too long for a PB. St. Nick leaves you an Orange. 

The feedback window will close 10am (Australia EST) Dec 7thPLEASE NOTE THIS you have one day to leave your feedback.

animated-saint-nicholas-image-0124You need to leave feedback for at least two in your category, but don’t be afraid to leave more feedback, in both categories… and encourage your friends to act as St. Nick because the two (from each category) with the best gifts from St. Nick will get one-on-one feedback from either Adam or George! (Note, if there are any ties, then Adam and/or George will choose which ones to give feedback too). Additionally, I will be picking my favourite from each category for Adam and George also!

Any questions please feel free to contact me, otherwise, get those first 150 polished up; St. Nicholas is on his way… 😉

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