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Hello all,

I have to be honest, I find it really difficult to promote myself; however, as the profits of the below chapbook are going to AnimalsAsia, I feel its okay to do so.

Mail Attachment-9A little about AnimalsAsia. Firstly there are numerous Animals… something’s such as AnimalsUK, AnimalsAustralia (etc.) All are 100% committed to animal welfare worldwide. So why AnimalsAsia? Simple, I am utterly disgusted at the hideous practice of Bear Bile Farming continues and I want to do whatever I can to a) financially support it an b) make it known worldwide so that the movement to stop bear bile farming gains momentum.

I do support other animal causes. I foster and re-home abandoned and abused kittens. I give to the World Wildlife Fund. I give annually to the RSPCA and Lort Smith Animal Hospital (both located in Melbourne Victoria, Australia).

I also support The Fred Hollows Foundation &Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (MSF) as well as other final logo w taglineorganisations when I can. Having said all of that, aside from AnimalsAsia, the other organisations are well known, either nationally or internationally… so I decided to do something about  the plight of Moon Bears, and wrote a chapbook, and illustrated it with my own artwork, and filled it with poems and sonnets and short stories… and made a commitment to give 25% from each sale to AnimalsAsia, which is, after all costs and USA taxes, the average profit margin.

So here is my chapbook: Musings – Thoughts & reflections on Life, Love & Surviving Heartache – It has been endorsed by AnimalsAsia and I have their authority to use their name and logo, here, within the chapbook and in promotional material

And here are a few lines from my Amazon Reviews:

July 7th 2014:

“…When I started reading this book I was instantly taken back to my university days where I was reading the Romantic poets. What a fantastic time it was. This collection is just as touching and inspiring.
The beauty of these pieces can be found in their simplicity and honesty. In `Fog’ we hear the poet’s voice lamenting the loss of childhood in the teen years. Like a mist, we can hear the gentle rhythm of the poet’s voice describing her lack of understanding about this confusing time.
The haunting images embellish each poem. I especially love the drawing which accompanies `My Tree, My Forest, My Fears’ where the female form grows and is entwined into the trunk of the tree. Its simplicity only enhances the beauty of the image and the poem…”

June 25th 2014:

“…In this short and sweet collection, you’ll find a variety of emotional and lyrical poems that range from deeply personal stories of her childhood to a metaphorical allegory featuring a dove and a swan. I was impressed by her lyrical voice and also her range. Each poem had her distinct flavor but still felt very different. After the poetry, she shares three short stories featuring Croatian mythology. She mentions that these are a taste of a future full-length novel, and I’m quite glad! I look forward to reading more of the story…”

Both reviewers have given me five-stars 🙂

BookCoverImageYou can buy it as a Kindle or Paperback on Amazon here:


20 June Chapbook Cover 2You can also buy it in all other e-book versions on Smashwords here:

Note there are different covers for Amazon and Smashwords. I did this intentionally so as to know where I was making a sale  🙂

Thanks for reading,


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