Upcoming Writers Competitions & Workshops

most wonderful story belle gifHi all,

Given we are past the 1/2way mark of the first month of 2015, I thought it an ideal time to update everyone on upcoming competitions & workshops.

Please note: this is NOT a complete list, but rather a few competitions I know work and are run by extraordinary women with exceptional writing credibility & gianormous hearts.

(i) Sun vs Snowhp-harry-potter-24722755-500-202

Description: Writing comp with agents requesting pages/material

Hosted By: Michelle Hauck & Amy Trueblood

Submission open: 26th Jan 2015

Where to find info:



Twin_Scythes___Fire_Circle_by_MattTheSamurai(ii) Operation Awesome

Description: A pitch + first 250 Workshop (lottery-style)

Hosted By: Abby Annis assisted by Angelica R. Jackson

Submission open: Right now! Lottery closes Friday, Jan 23rd at 11:59 pm EST.

Where to find info:


(iii) Pitch Madness ImageProxy.gif 20jun

Description: Writing comp with agents requesting pages/material

Hosted By: Brenda Drake

Submission open: 20th Feb 2015

Where to find info:


cat(iv) Post-it-Forward

Description: 35-word pitch Workshop

Hosted By: Nikola Vukoja & Rhiann Wynn-Nolet

Submission open: Date to be confirmed, will be between mid-Feb to early March, please follow this site & Rhiann’s blog for updates

Where to find info: Please look over 2014 info sheet, (https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/03/22/35-word-pitch-clinic-is-now-open-for-business/)

2015 Post-It-Forward info will be posted soon.

bunny-sheep-herder(v) Nestpitch 2015

Description: Writing comp with agents requesting pages/material

Hosted By: Nikola Vukoja

Submission Window Opens April Fools Day (April 1st 2015)

10pm Aust. Eastern Standard Time

7am USA New York Time

12 noon London UK Time

Submission Window Closes Good Friday (April 3rd 2015)

10pm Aust. Eastern Standard Time

7am USA New York Time

12 noon London UK Time

Info to follow closer to the date. Please note, there will be some changes. Please refer to this post update: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/nestpitch-2015-st-nicholas-day/ for a general overview

And also please note that Nestpitch 2015 WILL NOT be accepting Picture Books. We are planning something for Picture Books (& possibly MG) in December 2015.

Adult Contemporary Re-tell – “Artie & the Dodecagon” – Michelle4Laughs QL Blog Hop

Hi all,as many of you will have read, Michelle Hauck (Michelle4laughs – http://michelle4laughs.blogspot.com.au/ ) is currently running a query letter critique blog-hop. Even though I posted my first page on my personal blog, I thought, given I posted about the blog-hop here & given I’ve tormented many of you with critiquing your QL’s, I’d return the favour.

A few notes. This is WIP and although I know the main twist plots and the ending, it’s not quite 1/2 through finished so the below is a QL on a WIP for which I have guestimated the final word-count. As Michelle is accepting QLs for WIPS and given the content, I thought I’d brave the QL critique waters. Also, while the QL is careful not to use offensive words – especially out of context, this is a violent & sexually charged story & not for the faint-hearted. If you want to read my draft 1-st page, its on my Nikola Vukoja blog – http://nikvukoja.wordpress.com/ – even the first few lines will make it clear. Just thought I’d mention that 😉

For those 5 above and below me on Michelle’s list, I promise to get to you ASAP – it’s my birthday tomorrow & mum’s on the 6th so the next few days could be a bit hit-and-miss 🙂


Dear Awesome Agent,

When sorceress and Australian crime-boss Morgause’ hit-men fail to take out Artie before he discovers he’s the new ‘once & future king,’ Morgause implements plan-B, kill Artie’s spirit.

She tasks her son to seduce Artie’s best mate and then uses the witless love-struck human to spy on Artie. Then, discovering Artie’s Catholic Priest is struggling with his vows and the woman of his sexual fantasies is Artie’s girlfriend Gwen, Morgause ply’s Gwen and the Priest with a powerful tonic. The potion fevers lust while diluting a mortal’s reason and moral compass. Gwen and the Priest spend a wild night together, but with the clarity of morning, both regret their actions. Ashamed, they agree to tell no one; however, a secret video of their night together quickly goes viral on Youtube.

Feeling betrayed and struggling with the world either vilifying Gwen or laughing at him, Artie is broken. Morgause can finally destroy the man and the legend and also have her revenge on the first King Arthur, and her nemesis, Merlin.

But Artie isn’t alone. With the help of an invisible dragon and the mythical Rainbow Serpent of Koori legend, Merlin casts magic bullets which should vanquish Morgause. But in order for the magic to bond, a final ingredient is needed… forgiveness. If Artie has truly forgiven his best mate, priest, girlfriend, and even his parents for their lies, then the magic will work. The final body-count will determine the power of Artie’s forgiveness by who survives.

Told for dual POV (Morguase’ & Artie’s), ARTIE AND THE DODECAGON is an (estimated) 80,000-word contemporary adult, sexually explicit (straight and gay), dark, Arthurian re-tell set in Scotland and Australia.

I was born in Croatia, raised in Australia and have lived in France. In 2013 I placed in a worldwide short story competition. In 2015 I’ll have a short story published in an anthology with a US publisher. I’m also a painter, a slave to my Feline Overlords and active on social media.

Per submission guidelines …..



Michelle’s Holiday Query Blog Hop – only day’s away!

Hello all & happy belated Thanksgiving to all my USA friends,   This is going to be a short post, but (I’m sure you’ll agree) a valuable one. As many of you know Michelle Hauck AKA Michelle4Laughs; http://michelle4laughs.blogspot.com.au/ ; hosts or … Continue reading