#Pitch Comps Do Work – Round up of #Nestpitch 2014

robert-de-niro-oscars-2104-quote-about-writersFor those of you who don’t know, I created #Nestpitch because I wanted to give back to a very generous writing community as well as have some fun. Easter 2014 was the first year for #Nestpitch and, while I will be doing things *just a little differently in the future, for the most part, I think my Team and I did a pretty good job of finding talented writers and putting them before extraordinary and generous agents.

But you don’t really know if you’ve done a decent job until you have a success story, that is to say, an agent from Nestpitch offers a pitch-ee representation; and the pitch-ee accepts. That’s when you know its been a success.

Thankfully and with great appreciation to everyone involved, I can now say #Nestpitch is a success – Actually, as at today… we have two success stories (and there could be more to come). In the very near future I’m going to add a page called SUCCESS STORIES, but for now, let me just *name drop our first 2014 *Graduates*

(i) Kimberly Ito. Kimberly has signed with Jessica Negrón of Talcott Notch

(ii) Niki Cluff has signed with Cate Hart of Corvisiero Literary Agency. 

Back to the topic – Pitch Comps do work. Let me run some numbers past you. On Carly Watters’ Blog for the 2012 year end Carly offered her 2012 slush to offer round up. You can read the entire post here :http://carlywatters.com/2013/01/07/query-stats-2012-and-my-2013-wishlist/

But for the sake of this example I’ll summarize:tumblr_lugh08w7pr1r4zr2vo1_r2_500

Queries received: 6,000

Partial Requests: 189 (or 3% of QL go to Partial)

Full Requests: 30 (that’s 1/2 of 1% go from slush pile to FULL)

New Clients from Slush Pile: 7(do you want the %? OK, that’s just over 10th of 1% or 0.00117%)

* Carly commented that this was quite high but she also went into more detail in her blog about those clients that she lost to other agents and/or didn’t contact her when they had offers… it’s a worthwhile read.

Many agents update their blogs in Jan/Feb with their slush pile to offer stats, but the above % seems to be about average. And before you knock yourselves in the head, DON’T STOP SUBMITTING because it’s part of the game!

Let’s look at #pitch comp figures. Now, some time ago I did a statistical analysis of % of #pitch submissions to agent offers, where I compared several #pitch comps and then cross referenced these figures against normal slush pile stats. What I learned is THEY WORK! In fact, it was why I wanted to have my own… the figures told me they work.

Funny_Pictures_Animated_Dancing_-1So let’s look at Nestpitch 2014

We had 204 submissions. Of those 187 we accepted. (many people didn’t follow the guidelines – guys this is vital)

Of the 187, 2 thus far have had offers of representation from agents involved in Nestpitch (note* I am not including anyone who had/accepted an offer from non nestpitch agent(s) – I know of one and that’s wonderful too)

So from slush of 204 we have thus far 2 success stories.

If we compare that to the 6000 QL’s above, % wise, that would be 60 NOT 7 new clients the agency would have needed to sign to reach the same % success rate as #nestpitch…or in simple terms, #pitch comps are 10x more likely to get an author from slush to offer. Yup! #Pitch competitions work folks!

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