Supporting those who Support & Inspire Us.

funny-gifs-you-are-pictures_largeAs this blog rolls to the 6-month mark and tugs at 12,000 views (in 6-months, thank you guys!) I wanted to do something in recognition of the dozens and dozens of people who have helped make nestpitch, both the annual competition and the blog, a success.

Over the past few months Nestpitch has featured several authors as well as an agent, and will continue to do so. In fact I have some awesome and truly inspirational people lined up in the next 6-months. As a general rule, those featured meet these criteria:

(i)                 are talented author’s and/or dedicated agents and/or outstanding editors.tumblr_lnddotCiZJ1qje0bvo1_500

(ii)               give back to the greater writing community

(iii)             are wonderful human beings as well as wonderful authors/agents/editors

I wanted to show my support by not only having ongoing write-ups that focus on the gifted, the talented and the inspirational, but will also add links and general information on this page also.

In other words, at one quick look, you’ll be able to find an author and a link to their blog or twitter profile and/or a page devoted to them within this blog. So this post will grow and grow…and grow. Perhaps, once it’s big enough I’ll sub-divide it, but for now, lets just see what happens organically.  (and the gif of Christopher Walken, I mean it’s Christopher Walken & COW BELLS, must I say more O_O)

So without further ado, let’s start this.

Sharon Bayliss pic(i)                 Sharon Bayliss20951394

One of our mentors for Nestpitch, Sharon is not only a wonderfully talented author; she is also very giving of her time to others. Sharon’s DESTRUCTION (The December People Series #1) is available now and the next in the series will be coming out any day now.

You can read more about Sharon here: and you’ll find Sharon here:  & here:

AuthorMoss2(ii)               Tina MossFinal-Cover

Like Sharon, Tina is not only an amazing author but a wonderful person. You’ll regularly find Tina’s name listed in among the names of various mentors & judges on numerous writing & pitching competitions, including having been a mentor for Nestpitch.

Tina’s novel, A Touch of Darkness, co-authored with Yelena Casale, was recently awarded the Readers’ Crown Award winner for Urban Fantasy!  You can find out more about Tina & A Touch of Darkness, here: and you’ll find Tina here:   & here:

Stacey Nash pic(iii)             Stacey Nash

Another of the Nestpitch Team, Stacey is not only a fellow Aussie, but also a contributor to the blog site Aussie Owned & Read ( Stacey recently signed with HarperCollins and two of her novels are about to hit the world!

You can find more about Stacey here: and you’ll find Stacey here: & here:

Emmie 3(iv)              Emmie Mearsthe masked songbird2

One of the most talented new writers I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, Emmie is also a wonderful person and extremely giving to the writing community.

I did a profile interview with Emmie and her AMAZING new novel, The Masked Songbird which you can find here: and you’ll find Emmie here:  & here:

cropped pic of me & Jodie(v)                Nikola VukojaBookCoverImage

So I’ve added myself, which is a little egotistical but it’s for a good cause because the proceeds from my chapbook go to AnimalsAsia. By the way, have I mentioned how much I hate having my photo taken?

You can find out more about my chapbook here: as well as how the connection with AnimalsAsia works… and why I chose this cause. You’ll also find links to my Goodreads profile, Amazon and Smashwords, together with reviews.

ScaredSo that’s about it for now. As I say, there are many, many more people to thank, to feature and to come, for a start there’s the rest of the Nestpitch Team, and as I do updates and interviews, their information will be added here as well as featured tumblr_mf8yzcCvsM1rwiv0vo1_250on a specific blog post.

So pop back in as often as you can… and I’ll leave you with this image,
because there’s no such thing as too much cheese or too many cute kitten gifs! Just look at him licking his little paw… right?

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