St. Nicholas Day Workshop Submission Now Open !

4c9532fbc8a0e116054f1132e6ab856dHello all

& a special hello to all the Picture Book & Middle Grade author’s out there – because it’s time to send in your first 150 for the workshop!animated-saint-nicholas-image-0029

If you follow my blog then you’ll know what I’m talking about & if not (or if you missed the original post) you can go here: for more info (in other words all the guidelines & rules – and please read through and follow guidelines)

The window will remain open for the next 48- hours, after which, there will be two posts, one for PB & and other for MG submissions – and remember, aside from getting almost immediate feedback for your first 150, several people will get one-on-one feedback from highly successful and acclaimed children’s author’s George Ivanoff & Adam Wallace – and who doesn’t want feedback from author’s that are doing it right and making sales – am I right?

1092157-Clipart-St-Nicholas-Day-Greeting-Over-A-Shoe-With-Goodies-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationAnd there’s no better time for feedback – Christmas break is an ideal time to sharpen your manuscript before the 2016 pitching competitions begin 🙂

So… if you haven’t done so already, go to the link above, read and follow the guidelines & then get your first 150 in – remember you have 48 hours – but that’s it, late emails will not be accepted.

And don’t forget to put the subject line in and the disclaimer in the body of your email – any questions, feel free to post a comment on here (please don’t email your questions, sometimes those emails go into my JUNK MAIL folder and get lost & other times, because I don’t know the sender and the subject line is not familiar, to ensure I don’t get any nasty surprises, I auto delete – after all, that’s what the COMMENTS section is for 🙂

*& if you don’t want your comment posted, it’s OK to say so in the comment, as all comments are filtered, nothing gets posted without me reading it first 😉

Looking forward to seeing what all you talented author’s send through!





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