New Year, New Name, New Objectives

catdownloadHello all,

I mentioned on my last post that I was looking at changing the name of this blog and after what seems dozens of various options and at least as many variations of each option, I have settled on TheNovelAbode.

I have already made some changes to the *look of my blog, because a change is as good as a holiday, however, for the next week or two I will leave this as – in order to NOT confuse everyone (any more than I’m sure I will already).

I’m intending to register a Domain Name in the coming days, at which point I will rename this site in line with it’s new name and new objectives, and of course I will let everyone know 🙂

I am currently working on my first detailed blog post on my road to Self Publishing, and assuming nothing major imagesgoes wrong, I should have it up by this Sunday. To give you an idea, it will cover everything from CPs, to self-editing, to BETAs, to agent requests, to stages 1&2 of my professional editing journey. Further updates will happen as I progress and I really hope to get lots of comments/feedback from everyone on how successfully I am communicating my information to all of you (and if you’re finding it useful).

tumblr_n2nn4kyTwU1tw5bhko1_400Aside from the above, this blog will continue to do book reviews/reveals, interviews and general bookish-style updates (including a summary info blog on the recent Amazon updates), however I want to expand on this & also talk/interview artists/book illustrators, talk about visual art displays, potential technical updates, marketing techniques, social media/platform building… well pretty much anything that has caught my eye and kept my ADD attention for any reasonable length of time.

Here and there I will (likely) blog-bomb you with the odd cute kittie pics & posts, any craft or kitchen thingy’s I like to do (which also help keep me sane), things like the furniture I’m restoring, painting Easter Eggs with home made natural dyes (that anyone can make), pickling and bottling of jams, fruits, vegies, maybe some gardening tips… you know stuff that makes me happy (and hopefully will not bore you too much). I’m also currently designing my *ideal dream cottage* – if I can settle on one ~ideal~ I might even share that too, as well any updates on my visual art pieces for my 2017 exhibition.

images (8)So for now, grab a coffee,sit back, take a look, tell me what you think of the new name & look…and as always; play nice.

Talk soon 🙂

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