Unmask The Agent Comp is Now Closed

tumblr_inline_ngvovj9JIC1qenr3hSorry! Too Late – see you next year 🙂

How do you place I hear you asking? Below is the list of agents participating in this year’s Nestpitch and next to them is a list of the Masks they will be wearing. Your job is to match the agent to the mask – that’s it!

All you need to do is go through the Agent post here: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/abracadabra-shim-shalala-sham-agent-reveal-now/ and the Bunny Mask post here:https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2015/04/11/agent-mask-time-would-you-like-a-20-amazon-voucher/ (it also helps if you quickly go to the agent’s bio and/or blog for more clues) and match the agent.

The first person to correctly match all twelve agents to their masks wins! That’s it! (email timeline will be used to confirm who sent the correct entry in first)

And if there are no correct winners then those participating will go into a lucky draw and a winner will be selected at random.


The window will only be open for TWO HOURS – that’s it, so timing is everything.

The Window will open on Wednesday May 13th at 10.30pm Australian EST. That’s 7.30am New York US time and 12.30pm UK time. I chose these times to ensure everyone, no matter where you live, can play along.

You don’t need to have participated in #Nestpitch2015 or to even follow this blog, all you need to do is get to know our agents – and I have no doubt you ‘all know these agents anyway.

Please make sure you send your selection ONLY during the open window because there are no second chances, I will not be sending any ‘too soon’ or ‘too late’ emails – it’s up to you to play along during the window only.

ONE GUESS PER PERSON! (please don’t try to hedge by using more than one email address, you may get away with it but damn if you will not carry some nasty Karma with you)

getoveritHow to submit:

Send you email, with the correct subject line (see below), to nestpitch@outlook.com. Within the body of the email match all 12 agents to the masks you believe belong to them, for example:

  1. Agents Name = Mask
  2. Agents Name = Mask (and so on)

Please send your picks to nestpitch@outlook.com

In the subject line you MUST put UNMASK THE AGENT MY PICKS

If you fail to send your selection during the window or fail to put the above in the subject line, your email will be voided.

**Please note, there will be NO auto reply.

Please pass this on, re-blog if you’d like and tweet / re-tweet to pass the word along.

And now for the agents & masks (note they have all been alpha sorted & the below in no way suggests the correct match)

Camilla Wray Bend it like Beckham Bunny
Cate Hart Disco Bunny
Christa Heschke Energizer Bunny
Dawn Michelle Frederick Hippy Chic Bunny
Jessica Schmeidler Ms. Soccer Bunny
Jordy Albert Pancake Bunny
Maria Vicente Professor Bunny
Mollie Glick Rock Star Bunny
Patricia Nelson Ski Bunny
Saba Sulaiman Snow Bunny
Uwe Stender Warrior Bunny
Valerie Noble Wonder Woman Bunny

The winner will be announced on Tuesday May 19th 2015. 

tumblr_m949z4q9Ib1r1fva4And to celebrate the Nestpitch blog rolling over the 25,000 hits mark in less than 19 months I have decided to give one lucky random person who submitted to Nestpitch2015 an additional $20 Amazon Voucher – winner to be announced on May 31st 🙂



Agent Mask Time! (Would you like a $20 Amazon Voucher?)

school-pics-9-3Hi all,

Those who were part of Nestpitch2014 or have been following this blog will know how this works, however, for the newbies, I’ll quickly go over this. Each year the participating agents of Nestptich take on a ‘mask’ – in other words, they are in disguise! When they leave their Easter Treats for the submissions, they do so as a Secret Agent Bunny – yep that’s right, you may know who the participating agents are but you’ll have no clue as to who has requested what – well some clues.

Below are the Agents Bunny Masks, along with clues, some cryptic some not so much. And that is where the fun begins. While you will not know for certain until AFTER Agent Requests (May 11th) are made, you can join in the fun of Unmask the Agents; and if you get it right, there could be a $20.00 Amazon Voucher in it for you (USD). Best of all anyone can play! Yes that’s right; you don’t need to have submitted to Nestpitch2015 in order to be in the ImageProxyABCrunning for the Voucher.

So how does it work I hear someone shouting – simple! Got through the masks and then go through the Agent List (you’ll find the participating agents in a previous blog post so that’s not too hard) and match them up.

And you get lots and lots of time!

There will be an announcement after May 11th stating when the Unmask the Agent window will open- make a note of it as the window will only be open for 12 hours. The first correct match to ALL twelve agents will win the $20.00 Voucher – it’s that simple; and that hard! (if there are no correct matches a random winner will be selected from those who have sent in their matches in the time-window). To help you make your choices I suggest you follow all the agents, read their Blogs & Websites, interact with them on Twitter and keep your eyes and ears open for clues that will help you make the match.

So here we go, in no particular order and designed to make you think – stock-vector-vector-illustration-funny-rabbit-skiing-cartoon-concept-161804234


A Ski bunny who knows Persian Literature & is no closet Bollywood fan, this Secret Agent Bunny likes to see
experience new cultures and is a major fan of the ever expanding New adult category.


When not lost in a book, studying another language or walking playing with some four legged friends of the ‘here’s my lead’ kind, you’ll find this Secret Agent Bunny engrossed in something on T.V, there could be a Watson or a Doctor involved.



As a child this Secret Agent Bunny was into Star Wars and the A-Team, as well as creating and telling stories to school friends. Later, as an adult, the bunny read the first three Twilight novels in one week! Clearly this bunny was destined to be a super hero.

Bend it like Beckham BunnyBEND IT LIKE BECKHAM BUNNY

Regularly seen with a four legged friend, you’ll often spy this Secret Agent Bunny at a Writer’s Conference or indulging in some cultural travel experiences between conferences.



When this Secret Agent Bunny isn’t dancing in his/her bedroom to a certain boy-band, they are likely to be found in bed, editing and sipping a vanilla latte (especially on a Sunday).


Hippy Chic Bunny 2HIPPY CHIC BUNNY 

This Secret Agent Bunny loves YA/ Upper YA fantasy and Sci-Fi and tends to go for the quirky or strange. He/ She is also an activist for left-handed people in a right handed world.



energizer bunny

Hops from plot to plot, getting a charge out witty mysteries and punny contemporaries. Attracted to serious thinkers who choose light over darkness. Accepts all readerships, but genres must stay within the scope of reality.


Ms Soccer Bunny 2MS. SOCCER BUNNY

The Secret Agent Bunny loves PB’s MG & romance in YA, also a YA revenge thriller would fit just fine at the moment. This bunny is also known to use exclamation points – a lot !!

rocker bunny



This Secret Agent Bunny prefers spunky MG & not-so-sappy YA, while surrounded by fur & feathers. Dark chocolate is preferred, milk chocolate is for those can’t take risks. When not deep in a book, this Secret Bunny Agent is more than likely on the hunt for a good donut or a craft beer, possibly on a pair of skates 😉


So how does this Snow Bunny  keep that figure you might ask? Evidently the secret is loving what you do for a living and also being a bit of a yoga enthusiast. Whatever this Secret Agent Bunny is doing, it must be working!




Prior to publishing this Secret Agent Bunny instructed literature and writing at university-level. You’ll often find this Bunny on Twitter sharing tips and dropping wish-list hints, and in-real-life you’re likely to see this bunny at the odd Writers Conference.



This Secret Agent Bunny can be found making deals across the Pacific and Atlantic, at various writing conferences or enjoying a well earned latte at some little corner café. When not reading, editing or jetting about to another conference, you’ll likely find this bunny congratulating an author on Twitter or engrossed in a suspense thriller. Hint, this bunny looks good in a hat 😉


baby bunyipSo, that’s it folks! OK not quite. We also have at least one BUNYIP – Scratching your head as to what a Bunyip is? Well, in Indigenous Australian culture it is believed a Bunyip is a secretive creature, often found lurking around creeks and billabongs. In #Nestpitch culture… Bunyips are Secret Agents who couldn’t make it this time but might just take a peak at what’s happening and if they like something; they’ll leave their own ‘special’ treat – and seriously Bunyips really are damned hard to spot so who knows how many more are lurking; right?

So, now its time to have some fun. Go look over the list of agents and then compare them to the list of masks. When the times comes (not now!), right after the Agent Submission Window closes, we’ll be posting another update with the Unmask The Agent Round– as I say anyone can play & with a $20 Amazon Gift Voucher up for grabs why wouldn’t you!

It’s time for a bit of fun – wouldn’t you say?


Unmasking the Easter Pitch Magic!

Well – Hasn’t this Easter Sparkled!

We still have a few things in the pipeline  – Bunyip Sighting’s are possible and Scorecards are being tallied –

Now – lets Unmask Those Agents!

 Pooja Menon – Cocktail Bunny   have a drink bunny - POOJA   

Gina Panettieri – Bookworm Bunnybookworm bunny - GINA

Mlaptop bunny- MELISSA Melissa Jeglinski – Laptop Bunny

 artist bunny - CATE  Cate Hart  Artist Bunny

Jordy Albert – Soccer Bunnysoccer bunny - JORDY  

Sarah Negovetich – Juggler Bunnyjuggler bunny - Sarah

ninja bunny - CAMILLACamilla Wray –  Ninja Bunny

 mad scinetist bunny - UWE Dr. Uwe Stender – Mad Scientist Bunny

Erin Niumata – Shopper Bunny shopper bunny - ERIN 

Pam van Hylckama – Giant Bunnygiant bunny - PAM

And we have one clear winner of the $25.00* Amazon Gift Voucher.  Out of respect and privacy, we’ll keep her (yep it’s a female) to ourselves and have emailed the winner, though, I have a feeling you might hear about it on twitter 🙂

We have now completed the Request List, (not including any Bunyip requests).

All those who had pages requested will receive an email from me. some have already been sent out, the rest will be sent over the next 4-8 hours.  If you had a pitch with a request but have not received an email by 10pm April 20th USA EST (mid-day April 21st Aust EST), please contact me as it’s important you understand and adhere to the request submission requirements.

And we can announce the winners of the other Amazon Vouchers up for grabs!

We had 2x Full Msnuscripts Requests.

One from #TeamEpic & the other from #TeamPeeps!3101164-4


– Dr. Uwe Stender requested a FULL for SJ-3: The Sandman’s Apprentice – MG Paranormal 




– Dr. Uwe Stender requested a FULL for DM-5: The Winter King NA/Urban Fantasy

Each Author will receive a $12.50* Amazon Gift Voucher

And Dannie’s team just pipped a few other’s with the pitch with the most requests

– at 5 requests for DM-6; YA/Contemporary- CHEMICALS COLLIDE

That author will receive a $10.00* Amazon Gift Voucher!

*Note – all e-voucher values are in AUD and winner will need to confirm email their details – an email will be sent to sent to all four winners within 24-hours, if you are one of the winners and do not receive an email in the next 24 hours with the SUBJECT LINE of AMAZON VOUCHER WIN, please email me.  The e-vouchers will be sent at the end of the month.

 An email will go out to all the above in the next few days, however, feel free to share your good news on twitter, on Facebook and wherever you’d like share and shout out your good news!047

To everyone who submitted, whether your pitch was featured or not, congrats on a wonderful job, on an amazing selection and diversity of genre and category mixes.  To those selected, whether you got five requests or none, know that your MS stood out to some 17 people within the industry and its only a matter of time before it stands out to the RIGHT agent or publisher 🙂

My Team are currently working on scorecards for ten pitches which made it to RESERVE status, the three top will have their pitches featured on this blog at the end of the month, while all ten will receive a scorecard feedback, also by the end of the month.

I’m looking forward to following the progress of all our featured pitches.

cd787494May The Bunny Force Be With You! —FireworksT



resting catLike the Nestpitch blog?  In that case, I’d appreciate your VOTE!

The Nestpitch blog up for Best Blog Site 2014 (Australia) & there’s also a Peoples Choice Award.   Voting is open to everyone worldwide & is anonymous, so I’ll never know if you voted or not (but if you do, thank you).  If you can spare a  minute and would like to vote, here’s the link – http://www.writerscentre.com.au/community/best-australian-blogs-comp/peoples-choice/


Submissions Window is Now CLOSED

Drafy Nest Pich Logo last stageThe submission window for NestPitch NOW OPEN, and will remain open for 24 hours 12-noon 1st April to 11.59am 2nd April (USA EST) There’s no cut off number. Everyone who submits during the window will make it into the contest.

All entries will receive a receipt.  If you don’t, check with Nik Vukoja on Twitter @nestpitch and/or @nik_vukoja

Send your entries to nestpitch @ outlook .com (no spaces)

For formatting instructions and rules go to this post go to:


 NestPitch is a contest where participants email their 35-word pitches together with the first 300* words of their (finished) manuscript,(100-word for PBs).

The selected pitches will be featured on these blogs:

Brooke Powell  www.thecakenovelist.blogspot.com 

Kimberly P. Chase  http://kimberlypchase.blogspot.com.au/ 

Jeffe Kennedy  http://www.jeffekennedy.com/category/blog/

Tina Moss  http://www.tinamoss.com/  

Amanda Foody  www.amandafoody.blogspot.com 

Dannie Morin http://dcmorin.blogspot.com.au/ 

Sharon M Johnston  http://downunderwonderings.blogspot.com.au/ 

Sharon Bayliss  http://sharonbayliss.blogspot.com.au/ 

Stacey Nash  http://www.staceynash.com/


dancingSuper naturalAnd yes, you should all be throwing your hands up in the air and dancing at such a brilliant group of people giving freely of their time (P.S. show your love & great taste and follow their blogs)

 Then agents, their identities hidden, will leave a request for pages, partials and/or fulls of the featured pitches.

Entries must be embedded within email (no attachments) with following:



Genre: Category/Genre of Manuscript (i.e. NA Romance)

Word Count: (nearest 1000)

PITCH: 35-word (max) log-line

Answer to qu:

(question:in one sentence, max 15-words in the sentence: If my Main Character were an Easter Egg, what flavour would s/he be & why)

 First 300-words of your manuscript. If the 300th word falls in the middle of a sentence, go to the end of the sentence.  For Picture-book submissions please only submit 100-words.  If the 100th word falls in the middle of a sentence, go to the end of the sentence.

Please ensure

(i)                 your manuscript has not been featured in another Pitch Competition in the past 12 months – that’s ANY pitch competition (not twitter pitches), from the period April 1st 2013 to 31st March 2014 (you can have entered, but can’t have been a finalist)

(ii)               your manuscript IS NOT published.  This INCLUDES self-published. 

Bet-cha your booty shakin’ around your kitchen table with excitement 🙂


Our Slush Bilbies & Nest Bloggers will read through the pitches and pick the top 72 pitches for the agent round; April 17th – 18th

We try to get a good mix of various genres,but the writing comes first. Basically, if the submissions aren’t ready, it’s in your best interest that we pass, the last thing anyone wants is your manuscript to be old & tired from “doing the rounds” before its ready.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Pitch On!


And remember, not matter what happens, whether you get your pitch featured or not, you’re awesome for being courageous and determined enough to put your work before other people.  Writing, as with all art forms is subjective and what is loved by one person one day is out of style tomorrow.  Timing go hand-in-hand with talent — and always remember Funny_Pictures_Animated_Dancing_-1


Have you been paying attention…?

samuel-l-jackson-catWell if the answer is YES, then you’ll notice we now have TEN agents from NINE different agencies taking part in #nestpitch with the lovely Erin NiumataSenior Vice President – Folio Literary Management joining us! school-pics-9-3

Now, for those playing along, you’ll know that Erin will have taken on a Bunny Mask; which one?  Some of you will know straight away, the rest… told you to follow us.

We have such a STELLAR list of agents and agencies. I would like to take a moment to personally thank every single Agent and Agency, not just those participating as Secret Bunny Agents, but those who’ll be playing along as Magic Bunyips and those who couldn’t be part of this year’s fun but wished the best for #nestpitch.  I feel honoured and a little humbled by your support – THANK YOU ALL!

I’ll also send out a wonderful THANK YOU with hugs and a kiss to my amazing team of author’s who’ll be working tirelessly to find the best pitches.  You’re all super-stars!

And before I forget, I need to send a special thank you to those who have helped over the past 6-months or so by reading the drafts of #Nestpitch, offering suggestions, tweeting about #nestpitch and/or generally being generous with their time. There are so many of you so I’ll not list you all, but love & kisses to you all.

Now, down to business. mc-wed-298

With the Submission Window now hours away, yep, that’s right… 12noon 1st April USA EST, I wanted to run through a few points.

(i)                 Please read the rules & conditions, it’s vital that you follow the rules because the last thing we want is to have an awesome pitch that has forgotten to add their genre/category (for example)

(ii)               #Nestpitch is open to everyone, world-wide.  All can enter, subject to following the rules and conditions.

(iii)             The window will be open for 24hrs, so there’s plenty of time to enter, no matter where you are in the world.

A quick heads up re: time differences (OK I might have to follow Snow White’s example to stay awake):fri-mc-6

New York USA 12 noon 1st April

London UK 4pm 1st April*

Melbourne Australia 3am 2nd April**

*UK & the rest of Europe please take into account Daylight Savings Start Dates in your countries and adjust accordingly.

** Daylight Savings will end on April 6th Melbourne timezone.

To help everyone, I’ll be opening for a quick Q&A on Twitter between 7-9am NY EST Sunday 30th March, that’ll be 10-12pm Melbourne Australia Time.  I’ve picked these times as it’s the best option for all time-zones, however, if you see me flittering about on Twitter during the day, feel free to ask any questions.

A quick reminder of the schedule:

Apr 1st -2nd        Submission windows open 1st April NOON USA EST until 11.59am 2nd April USA EST

Apr 3rd -10th     1st Round – Slush Bilbies select top 120 nests*

Apr 12th           Match Agent to Bunny Mask window open NOON USA EST until 8.00pm April 12th

 Apr 11th -15th  2nd Round – Nest Bloggers  pick their 72 nests*

Apr 16th              3rd Round – Nest Bloggers post their top choices

Apr 17th -19th   4th Round Secret Bunny Agents  stock *nests

Easter Sun.     Stocked *nests* revealed/Secret Bunny Agents identities revealed

Apr 21st           Unmask the Agent Winner Revealed

Apr 22nd          Bunyips can now offer belated presents*

Apr 23rd           All #NestPitch requests should be received by Secret Bunny Agents.

Apr 28th           All Bunyip requests should be made& sent

Apr 30th           Special additional surprise revealed!

May 1st            Update on #nestpitch Blog thanking everyone + a special <surprise>


I’d also like to take a moment to remind you of two other #pitches in April. berry-break-018

#LV14 – the submission window will open on April 4th.  This pitch is for Y & NA only. For more information go to:  http://likeavirgin.kristinaperez.com/

Also there’s #PitchSlam April 20th. http://tangynt.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/pitch-slam-battle-of-the-bands/

Both #pitch comps look like a lot of fun & I’d strongly recommend aspiring authors (with polished manuscripts) give them a go.


hello kitty cat Good luck to everyone!

Secret Agent Bunny Masks – Can you guess the Agent hiding behind the Mask?

Time to reveal the Bunny Masks! 

How this works:bunnyegg  present 1

Each of the agents has taken on a Secret Agent Bunny Mask and your job is to identify who is wearing which Mask. (you’ll find the Agent List here: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/03/15/agent-reveal/ )

There’s an Amazon Voucher in it for the first correct answer.  For more info, go to: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/operation-unmask-the-agent/

For those who haven’t been watching/listening carefully, this is how #nestpitch will work.  On April 1st, you will send us your pitch + 300.  Go to here: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/nestpitch-update-rules-conditions-whats-a-bilby-anyway/ for all the rules and conditions, and please follow the rules.

Then our Awesome Super-Cala-Fragile-Istic team of Slush Bilbies will pick the top 100-odd.  For more information on the Slush Bilibies, go to here: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/slush-bilbies-revealed/ bilby 4

From there our Scrum-didle-iumptious Team of Bloggers will each pick their favourite pitches to post on their blogs.  The selected pitches will be notified via email also.  For Blogger  info go here: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/nest-bloggers-revealed-oh-magic-bunyips-explained/

We will have a full line-only list of all those selected on this blog

plus a link to the Bloggers page.

Once the pitches are posted, the Secret Agent Bunnies will hop from nest to nest and leave a chocolate treat. Something like this (for example)

Golfer Bunny has left you 1 Box of Caramel Eggs – for all the *TREATS* got to here:


You’ll need to know what Easter Treat equals what request so I suggest you save a copy of the Easter Treats request items to your desktop; or better still, print a copy off.

At the end of the Easter Egg Treats day… you will be sent a second email with a list of agents who made a request.  If any agents have given specific email addresses, this will be added to your email. If not, please email to the Agency Website but remember to follow the guidelines with regard to what to write in the Subject Line.

And; while all this is happening, we will announce the winners of:

(i)                 The winner (s) of the Unmask the Agent (open to all not just those participating in #nestpitch)

(ii)               The winner (s) of the most requests

(iii)             The winner (s) of the most FULLS requested

Remember all of the above winners will receive an AMAZON Gift Card 

& not forgetting, Rhiann Wynn-Nolet and I are running a 35-word pitch clinic here starting this weekend.

Go to: https://nestpitch.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/post-it-forward/ for more details.

 Now to the Bunny Masks, and in no particular order Da-Daaaah!!!

(1) COCKTAIL BUNNYhave a drink bunny

As well as Adult fiction, this Cocktail Bunny wants YA that’s creative and fresh (open to all genres) and has strong characters that are flawed yet unique. Cocktail Bunnies like their Literary/Commercial fiction with a multi-cultural bend, and will curl up with their big curly-furred dog to read smart, intelligent Mysteries and Thrillers and historical fiction. Cocktail Bunnies have a low threshold for overdone.

(2) BOOKWORM BUNNYbookworm bunny

Bookworm Bunny is looking for Psychological Suspense with a twist (think THE OTHERS), dark, creepy, hair-raising YA & NA, clever mysteries with a keen sense of place, humorous MG series, and contemporary Romances and Women’s Fiction of all descriptions.

giant bunny


This Cocktail Bunny really likes animals, Supernatural (the TV show), and Loki from the Avengers.  Giant Bunny is extremely chatty on-line and very open about their style of agenting.  Giant Bunny also recently got a serious hair cut; that’s a big clue!  When not adopting new fury friends, Giant Bunny likes to read the gamut – Picture Books, MG, YA, Adult, Romance even PB’s for adults – hehehe

(4) LAPTOP BUNNYlaptop bunny

This Laptop Bunny wants innovative MG and YA projects with a pull towards more historical settings although a modern, emotional story would be welcome.  Also loves contemporary Romance and Women’s Fiction and anything that really manages to surprise me.

(5) MAD SCIENTIST BUNNYmad scinetist bunny

Mad Scientist Bunnies would naturally want non-fiction, but can you believe it, this Mad Scientist is also looking for YA, MG, Adult Mysteries/Thrillers and literary fiction too – Even a Mad Scientist’s enjoy a good bit of fiction – now, can you guess who this Mad Scientist is?



(6) SHOPPER BUNNYshopper bunny

Shopper Bunny is *shopping* (sorry couldn’t help myself) for commercial women’s fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, psychological thrillers, suspense, humour. This Bunny loves sassy Southern and/or British heroines.


(7) SOCCER BUNNYsoccer bunny

Soccer Bunnies Like romance?  Who Knew? Well, this Soccer Bunny does like Romance, especially contemporary and historical (has a soft spot for Regency), YA sci-fi/fantasy, contemporary, historical–particularly partial to YA with, you guessed it, romance!

(8) JUGGLER BUNNY juggler bunny

As the name suggests, this Juggler Bunny has a lot going on, balls in the air anyone?  But they still have time for great writing and new Clients, as long as they are MG and YA; open to any genre within those age groups, but prefers speculative fiction.

No idea who Juggler Bunny is?  Here’s a clue, could you spell this Agent’s name without looking?

(9) NINJA BUNNYninja bunny

Haaa-Yah! Ninja Bunny wish list: My main big wishes are brilliant storytelling and inspiring or heart-breaking characters; I want to feel like I’m living, not reading, the story. Also anything that brings me to tears either through love, fear or sadness would be wonderful – Sounds like tis Ninja likes a good cry after beating up the bad-guys!

(10) ARTIST BUNNYartist bunny

This Artist Bunny is super hungry for MG/ YA/ Adult Romance, Fantasy and wants to curl up on the sofa with a great Mystery.  And this Agent Bunny knows the business from both sides of the process;…and that’s a big clue 🙂 

Oh, and don’t panic if you don’t see your genre or category, these are TOP agents who work for AWESOME agencies, eight agencies to be accurate, trust me, their colleges are watching, and waiting, and intending to leave treats under these Bunny Masks.


I can’t tell you who they are; but we do have 4 confirmed Magic Bunyips lurking…baby bunyip

  • Purple Bunyip
  • Yellow Bunyip
  • Green Bunyip
  • Blue Bunyip 

This means, if a Bunyip sees a *NEST* they simply MUST HAVE, they’ll whisper a special code word to me and I’ll let them leave their own unique treat.

Phew! this has been a BIG post.bunny in nest

You know what to do right?

Get your 35-word pitch sharpened by joining us at the Post-it-Forward clinic

Polish your Manuscript until it sparkles with fairy dust.

Submit on the 1st of April

& Play along with Unmasking the Agents!

Oh…and a few final thoughts,

(i) if you come across an agent or a blogger or a bilby on Twitter or wherever, thank them for being part of this.  They all give of their free time.

(ii) Play nice; art is subjective and therefore not everyone agrees all the time.  Remember that when talking to or about anyone involved.

(iii) spread the word, the more that play the bigger the fun 🙂Fluffy Tail Musk Rabbit

Last but by far least; here is a quick list of the AMAZING TEAM we have for #nestpitch 

Slush Bilbies:

Emily Mead The Loony Teen Writer,http://theloonyteenwriter.wordpress.com/  

Susan Nystoriak  http://smnystoriak.wordpress.com/ 

Cassandra Page  http://cassandrapage.com/  

Louise (Lou) Gornall  http://bookishblurb.com/blog/ 

Heather Bryant http://heathermbryant.blogspot.com.au 

Katy Upperman http://katyupperman.com/ 

Stacey Trombley  http://hopelessya.blogspot.com.au/ 

Nest Bloggers: 

Brooke Powell  www.thecakenovelist.blogspot.com 

Kimberly P. Chase  http://kimberlypchase.blogspot.com.au/ 

 Jeffe Kennedy  http://www.jeffekennedy.com/category/blog/ 

Tina Moss  http://www.tinamoss.com/  

Amanda Foody  www.amandafoody.blogspot.com 

Dannie Morin http://dcmorin.blogspot.com.au/ 

Sharon M Johnston  http://downunderwonderings.blogspot.com.au/ 

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Hello all,

I’m very excited about today’s blog post – I get to reveal the Agents who will be participating in #nestpitch, and once you’ve read through the list, I know you’ll understand why!

…and so here they are…

Pam Van Hylckama – C0-founder /Agent – Foreword Literary Pam VDV 2

Pam started her literary career as assistant to Laurie McLean in early 2012. In January 2013, after selling 21 books in her first year, Pam was promoted to agent.  when Laurie mentioned creating Foreword, Pam jumped at the chance to follow her and created a new agency together.

website: http://forewordliterary.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BookaliciousPam

Melissa Jeglinski– Agent – The Knight Agency


Established in 1996, The Knight Agency has gained worldwide recognition for the success of our authors in the fiercely competitive publishing marketplace. Our philosophy is simple: what you give is what you get.  We are dedicated to cultivating prosperous, long-term writing careers by giving clients unparalleled service.

Website: http://knightagency.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MJeglinski

Pooja Menon– Agent – Kimberley Cameron & Associates 


Pooja joined Kimberley Cameron & Associates as an intern in the fall of 2011, with the aim of immersing herself in the elusive world of books and publishing. She soon realized that being an agent was what she was most drawn to.

Website: http://www.kimberleycameron.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/friscodreamer 

Gina Panettieri  – President – Talcott Notch Literary 


Founded in 2003, Talcott Notch Literary is a rapidly-growing boutique agency representing the freshest new voices in both fiction and non-fiction. With more than twenty years in the publishing industry, President and Executive Editor, Gina has expertise in every aspect of writing and publishing and has helped thousands of writers achieve their goals.

Website: http://www.talcottnotch.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ginapanettieri

Jordy Albert – Co-founder & Senior Agent – The Booker Albert Literary Agency 


Founded by Jordy Albert and Brittany Booker Carter, former agents of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. We are a hands-on agency that strongly believes in taking on clients for their whole career.

Website: http://www.thebookeralbertagency.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bluedragonfly81

Camilla Wray –  Agent – Darley Anderson Literary (UK) 


The Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency handles a broad range of best-selling commercial fiction including thrillers, mysteries, crime, horror, fantasy, women’s, chick-lit, accessible literary, comedy and a growing list of children’s fiction.   The Agency was founded by Darley Anderson in 1988 and is based in London with a regional office in the book town of Hay-on-Wye.

Website: http://www.darleyanderson.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CamillaWray

Sarah Negovetich – Junior Agent/PR Team Leader – Corvisiero Literary Agency  

Sarah Negovetich

Corvisiero Literary Agency is a boutique literary agency founded by Marisa A Corvisiero, Esq. a former agent with the L. Perkins Agency.  This agency is a place where authors can find professional and experienced representation.

Website: http://www.corvisieroagency.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarahNego 

Cate Hart – Junior Agent – Corvisiero Literary Agency 


Corvisiero Literary Agency offers  international agenting services to fiction and non-fiction authors in a wide spectrum of genres. Please see our agents’ profiles to determine which agent is the best fit for you, and be sure to read our Submission Guidelines before submitting your work.

Cate has kindly agreed to do a Five Minutes With… interview her on NestPitch (watch out for it) where you’ll get to learn more about her and perhaps get an insight into her Bunny Mask.

Website: http://www.corvisieroagency.com/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/CateHart


Dr. Uwe Stender – President  – TriadaUS Literary Agency



Founder, Dr. Uwe Stender, is a Full Member of the AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives), and has been a guest speaker at several major conferences including the SCWC in San Diego, the Crimebake (Mystery Writers of America New England Chapter), CAPA-U in Hartford, Connecticut, the Writers’ League of Texas in Austin, Penn Writers, and he spoke on a panel at the Book Expo America in New York City.


TriadaUS Literary Agency is always open to any strong fiction and all non-fiction projects.

Website: http://www.TriadaUS.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UweStender


Erin NiumataSenior Vice President –  Folio Literary Management 


Folio Literary Management places both fiction and non-fiction with major publishers throughout the U.S. and around the world. We represent many first-time authors, some of whom have gone on to become bestsellers and major award-winners.

Erin has been in publishing for over twenty-three years. She started as an editorial assistant at Simon and Schuster in the Touchstone/Fireside division for several years; then moved over to Harper Collins as an editor, and then she went to Avalon Books as the Editorial Director, working on Romance, Mysteries and Westerns. Erin has edited a very impressive list of authors.  Let’s sum it up with she’s worked on 28 NY Times Bestsellers.

Although Erin is currently closed for submissions, she’ll be joining us on #nestpitch which means ladies & gents, here’s your opportunity to submit to an agent currently not taking submissions!

Website: http://www.foliolit.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ecniumata

That’s eight nine ten AWESOME agents from seven different agencies folks!

Also, while no one knows who they are, we currently have four MAGIC BUNYIP Agents ready and willing to lurk around the pitches.

baby bunyipThese agents, just like their name-sake, will be in the shadows, watching…ready to pounce on the perfect pitch.

And who knows, we may even get the odd extra agent putting their hand up before the Bunny Mask reveal.

Non-participating #Agents, if you’re reading this and want to play, please contact me on nestpitch @ outlook . com (no spaces) by midnight 19th March. thCA69BZA6

Now, you may have noticed there is no mention of agent preferences, which was deliberate.  For those following this blog and/or @nestpitch, you’ll know that there will be a Bunny Mask reveal on March 20th.  Alongside each Bunny Mask will be hints and an insight into each agent.  Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to match the agent with the mask.

And there’s more than one reason to do this.  The obvious, you’ll know which agents are looking for what genre/category.  But wait, there’s more!  There’s also another game we’ll be playing, Match the Agent with the Mask – and there’s an ACTUAL prize – a $25 (AUD) Amazon gift voucher to be won!  Refer to Unmask the Agent post for more details (it mentions 15 agents but we are happy to play with the eight we have), but in short, you get to match the agent to the mask and the first correct answer, gets the voucher.  As I say, you need to refer to the post for details; however, I’ve also posted a timeline below for everyone’s FYI.

Now, some of the bio’s beside the Masks will be very direct, such as “Looking for MG/YA” other’s will be more cryptic, referring to an agents interests outside of agenting and other’s will be a mix of the two.  In other words… you’ll have to do your homework.  You’ll need to follow these agents, keep up with their twitter feeds, read their agent bio’s on their websites and read/follow their blogs and interviews.

Here’s the thing, you SHOULD be doing this already, so for many of you, the connections will be as clear as day.  If they’re as clear as mud, you have some work ahead of you, but the reward is there.  Aside from a chance to win the voucher, you’ll also get to KNOW the agents which will help for your nestpitch submission and/or in any future submissions.

This side competition is open to everyone (not running or affiliated with #nestpitch) regardless if your pitch is selected or not, even regardless  if you submit, it’s a bit of fun for everyone.  Learning with benefits!

Oh, and to help everyone with their 35-word pitch, we will be holding a workshop, together with Rhiann Wynn-Nolet the co-founder of and #LV14 & CritTiki Lounge, on the 21st of March for 1 week, refer to the previous post, Post-It-Forward for details.  Rhiann and Kristina Perez will also be hosting LV14 on April 4th

There’s a lot happening here in #nestpitch, if you’re not following us, why not?Fluffy Tail Musk Rabbit

Updated Timetable:

March 15th           Introduce the Agents

March 18th           Five Minutes With… interview with Agent Cate Hart

Mar 20th               Update the Bunny Masks

Mar 21st                Wind opens for Post-It-Forward – please send in your 35-word pitches

Mar 22nd              Comments accepted for Post-It-Forward

Mar 29th               Comments closed for Post-It-Forward

March 3oth        Twitter Q&A window will open for 2 hours – time to be advised

Apr 1st -2nd               Submission windows open 1st April NOON USA EST until 11.59am 2nd April USA EST (equiv. times in UK, Australia posted)

Apr 3rd -10th        1st Round – Slush Bilbies select top 120 nests*

Apr 12th                Match Agent to Bunny Mask window open NOON USA EST for 8 hours, until 8.00pm April 12th USA E ST – Emails must be received during this time to be eligible.

Apr 11th -15th       2nd Round – Nest Bloggers  pick their 72 nests*

Apr 16th                     3rd Round – Nest Bloggers post their top choices

Apr 17th -19th       4th Round Secret Bunny Agents  stock *nests

Easter Sun.        Stocked *nests* revealed/Secret Bunny Agents identities revealed

Apr 21st                Unmask the Agent Winner Revealed

Apr 22nd              Bunyips can now offer belated presents*

Apr 23rd               All #NestPitch requests should be received by Secret Bunny Agents.

Apr 28th               All Bunyip requests should be made& sent

Apr 30th               Special additional surprise revealed!

May 1st                  Update on #nestpitch Blog thanking everyone + a special <surprise>unnamed[1]

Please read the RULES & CONDITIONS before entering your pitch on April 1st.  I don’t want to become some sort of tyrant but they are there for a reason.  People who don’t adhere to them WILL have their submission deleted. (Note: while I understand every effort will be made to format correctly, if after emailing, your submission de-formats, this will not negate your submission, as long as you have followed all the other rules)

And remember if your MANUSCRIPT has been featured in another PITCH CONTEST (featured= posted for agent review/bidding) in the past TWELVE months, the period between 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014, it is not eligible. Any questions, leave me a comment here or ask during Twitter Q&A.

Also, don’t forget to check out our AWESOME TEAM of bloggers & slush readers!

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